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Thursday 30th November 2023, kick-off 5.45pm

UEFA Europa Conference League

HJK Helsinki v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Stuart Kennedy: Aberdeen FC must show more ambition

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GOTHENBURG Great Stuart Kennedy today slated Aberdeen FC’s push for the top six as ‘embarrassing’.


Victory over Inverness Caley Thistle on Saturday would secure Aberdeen FC a place in the top half of the SPL.


Kennedy claims judging that as a measure of success is a damning ‘admission of failure’.


And he insists Aberdeen FC’s inability to challenge the Old Firm has nothing to do with finances – but the lack of a will to win.


The former Scotland full-back said: “For Aberdeen to be happy with getting into the top six is not good enough.


“Pushing for the top six is not a measure of success but an admission of failure.


“That would have been seen as an embarrassment when I was at Aberdeen.


“Unfortunately, players now just accept that it will always be Rangers and Celtic who are in contention for the league title.’’


For more on this story, pick up a copy of today's Evening Express or check back later.


Exactly what I think and I'm sure most of us do.

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I think that echoes the sentiments of the majority of fans quite well. Well done Stuart!  :thumbsup:


Not mine.


Although I agree that there is little to trumpet about with regards to only getting top 6 I can't agree with the idea that financial strength is not a valid aspect of why we are not competing with the OF.

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Nice one Stuart!


And folk said the EE was in bed with Aberdeen FC?


Although I assume this wasn't written by the sweating "fat cunt" sponging scab ex-postie!


Are you sure?  I thought they were all ghost written by Charlie.  Or is that only the ones that are pro-Jimmy?  ::)

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Aye, but at least they could say we're trying to win it. And play like we're taking the game to every cunt - at least at home.


We all know that would be blown out of the water after our usual shite start though.


But one of these days, maybe we'll start well. And with a bit of belief - anything is possible!


This is the critical difference in my opinion. Its foolish to say that finance is not an issue (as Kennedy says) but we should be acknowledging this while still talking up what is possible. Yes, there is a risk that you fall flat on your face but its not that difficult to manage messages. Good managers know how to use this type of psychology to ensure there is belief without hyperbole.


In defence of the ASS letter and them drawing comparisons with Hearts I think this was possibly what they were alluding to. While Hearts clearly have done a sloppy job of managing the message, the sentiment is one I agree with. Aim high but just don't get hysterical or overly smug about it, talk about challenging the OF rather than accepting their dominance just don't say we can 'win the league, the cup and the CL'

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Whilst I admit that challenging the OF year-after-year is a task that is just too far for any other Scottish club, I agree with Kennedy in saying that treating a top-six position as success is a sign of how far Aberdeen's expectations have dropped since Kennedy was at the club.


A club of Aberdeen's size, strength and stature should be at WORST 4th every season. In Scottish terms, we are a MASSIVE club in terms of operational structure, finances, fanbase and overall professionalism.


Any fans who think we should not be in the top 4 every year has sadly let their standards slip ... or they've never known better!

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We are not a massivd club, never really were. Even if we were, size is by no means any kind of guarantee of quality or consistency. There are loads of examples of clubs who clearly could/should be doing better and a cycle of others punching way above their weight, to subsequently return to whence they came. Yes, expectations should dictate our aim of being in amongst it for third (which by the skin of our teeth we are). No-one would suggest that as a limit but to expect more as things stand is unrealistic but as Ajja says, expressing more lofty ambitions for the team is far from a no-no but should be done carefully without the mental predictions a la LSC and those ambitions need to be met from the current moth eaten purse we have.

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Personally think this whole top 6 thing has been blown out of all proportions, fact is you've got to be in the top 6 to be in with a shout of european places, plus you get better games and more ££ in the coffers. That will therefore be every non in-firm teams goal until the split

After that you have to look at league finishes to measure success, and under the fat controller we've been more consistant than any other non in-firm team, finishing in the top 4 in every season bar 1 under JC (the fitba on offer though has usually been pretty dire)



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Does Staurt still have his pub because I think he had sunk a few before giving that interview. Winning the league is not all about positive mental attitude and belief or we could win the Euro Championship with some mind coaching from a sports psychologist.

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A strong 'will to win' and a positive mental attitude would be most welcome at Aberdeen, I think Calderwood is too quick to criticise internally and too quick to praise other sides. His approach does not create an iron will or determination to succeed amongst the squad. The cheeky chappy style of management only goes so far in generating good will. There is no doubt we could benefit from a steelier attitude towards the competition but it has to be couched with some sense of realism. Football is not structured in the way it was in the 80s, its not even anything like the 90s. Its not a likeable set of circumstances for any Dons fan but we have slipped way down the table and we have to be realistic about what that means for our actual ability to achieve.


That said, I'd welcome a manager who wanted to fly in the face of that backdrop and talk positively about what can be achieved and give it a good go rather than settling for the inevitable mediocrity. Somebody just needs to find this guy and there in lies the problem  :o

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