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Scottish League Cup

Sunday 10 July 2022 - kick-off 3pm

Peterhead v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Man of the man v Motherwell 29/11/08


Who was your man of the match?  

64 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Langfield
    • Mulgrew
    • Diamond
    • Mair
    • Considine
    • Severin
    • Kerr
    • Aluko
    • Young
    • Miller
    • Mackie
    • McDonald (sub)
    • JDV (sub)
    • Maguire (sub)

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Voted Kerr as he was only decent player in the first half.

Second half there were a number of contenders - Kerr, Aluko, Miller, JDV.

Miller just shaded it from Mair for me. Aluko was terrible today, the only decent thing I can remember him doing was a fancy turn and the cross for the first goal. Ran into trouble too many times and if Mackie or Bebo had turned instead of shooting like he did they would have been lynched.
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I thought Aluko was rubbish in the first half, but really good in the second.  The corporates gave the MOTM to him.


Aulko is just a back up so if everyone else played shit he will get it or the goal scorer will. Like Anderson was and sort of like Diamond before Aulko came along.

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The guy beside me screaming that "Calderwood your a fucking hopeless cunt. Should be Hodgkiss instead of McDonald" looked like a right cunt two mins later ;D


Can't see why people wanted Mair in the middle when him at right back was one of our best outlets in the 2nd half. Everything good seemed to start with him playing the ball to Millers feet.

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Kerr for me, thought he was our best player in what was a terrible 1st half, and his performance didnt drop in the 2nd half when the rest of the team finally turned up. Although i must admit that Miller was very good as well.


I was also impressed with the two fringe players that came on, thought McDonald played pretty well when he came on and JDV looked like a totally different player than we're used to seeing, always looking for the ball, finding space and good positions.  I would start both McDonald and JDV next week!


After seeing how the team grew with confidence i sort of understood what the players meant when they spoke about the booing being counter productive, although its a two way street

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Wouldna surprise me if AFC changed the sponsors one again like they have done before to keep certain players happy.  Didna think he desrved it, played ok had nothing to work with first half came to life in the second but was subbed, Miller and Kerr were my MOTM but kerr just shades it

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Everyone performed well in the second half, subs included.


Kerr for me, didn't put a foot wrong the whole game.

The only problem I have with Kerr is if hes strugglnig to find a pass he just aimlessly punts the ball forward in the air. I can live with this though because he's a trickier player than I thought, didn't expect to see him taking folk on etc.
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