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Scottish League Cup

Sunday 10 July 2022 - kick-off 3pm

Peterhead v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Man of the match v Hibs (4/10/08)


Who was your man of the match yesterday?  

50 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your man of the match yesterday?

    • Langfield
    • Hodgekiss
    • Mair
    • Diamond
    • Mulgrew
    • Foster
    • Kerr
    • Severin
    • Aluko
    • Mackie
    • Miller
    • Maguire (sub)
    • Young (sub)

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Is that you Aberdeen Ladette voting for Maguire again?


???, it definitely wasn't me!.


I haven't been online all day and this is first I've read this thread. I don't vote on these threads if I haven't been to the game or watched the full match on TV.


If I did vote after just listening on the radio, it certainly wouldn't have been for Maguire!. Sounded like he played shite!.

Apparently he was out of position again though??.. moved to left wing and Aluko up front??.


I still would though!  :thumbsup:

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