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Sunday 23rd June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇭🇺 Hungary

kick-off 8pm

Jimmy set for triple swoop

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Jimmy set for triple swoop

Maybury deal dead


By Charlie Allan  :wave:


Published: 28/08/2008


THE Dons are confident they will have three new signings on board before Saturday’s SPL clash with St Mirren.


Manager Jimmy Calderwood confirmed his transfer dealings are set to go into overdrive in the wake of their 1-0 CIS League Cup victory over Ayr United at Somerset Park.


“We will make signings before the St Mirren game,†he said.


“Hopefully it will be three in total by then.â€


One of the additions will be a right-back, but it will not be Alan Maybury, who had expressed an interest in returning to Pittodrie.


When asked the latest news on Maybury’s situation, Calderwood replied: “Nothing will be happening with him now.


“I’ve spoken to him a few times and offered him a contract.


“But I also warned Maybury we had a few other things going on as well.


“He wanted to keep his options open, which is his right, but I told him he had to make a decision quickly.


“I phoned him for one last time and told him I had the chance to get somebody else in.â€


Maybury, who spent the final six months of last season on loan to the Dons from Leicester City, had stated he was keen to return to Scotland.


But he blew it by taking too long to make his mind up on a deal.


Calderwood said:


“I asked Maybury to get back by a certain deadline.


“He didn’t, so we will now sign the other guy instead.â€


Calderwood was asked if the mystery defender is Dutchman Quido Lanzaat, who was on trial with the Pittodrie club last week.


“You will have to wait and see,†he said.


The Dons boss was then asked if it would be a permanent or loan deal and whether the player was young or experienced.


Calderwood said: “It will be a loan deal and he is youngish.


“I will tell you when I’m good and ready, but he will definitely be in by Saturday.


“We are just waiting to get the details finalised, but I don’t want to say too much until the players have had medicals and signed on the dotted line.â€


The trio would take the list of new signings made by Calderwood since the end of last season to nine.

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Interesting.  Reckon the dutch boy will be one as i suppose 28 is youngish.  Hopefully the other two are a centre half and winger.  If we get that in i'll be pretty chuffed with our squad........ though clangers does have his moments and apparently bossu dropped one last night too

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Calderwood was asked if the mystery defender is Dutchman Quido Lanzaat, who was on trial with the Pittodrie club last week.


“You will have to wait and see,†he said.


Fuck, JC's about as subtle as a brick! Be interesting to see who the players are. I reckon the actual signing will be Lanzaat. Nae sure about the loan ... could it be Josh Walker again? No mention of the third though. But he's looking for two defenders, so probably not anyone like Gow.

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Happy now seeing 3 players needed instead of the 2 we were told we might get.  And happy that he is keeping his mouth shut until players are signed.  No doubt press will be hovering around Pittodrie now trying to see who these players are!!

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Better fuckin not be. I mind shouting profanities at that goof one Saturday night in Edinburgh. Cunt had bleached-blonde Gazza-style hair.


Wilson is a player who has come thru the ranks at Ibrox, got a name for himself purely on the basis that Rangers gave him a chance ... and has failed to live up to any sort of decent reputation with every club he goes to. What worries me is that he's currently at Dunfermline ... our feeder club!


Mind you, that's unless you're talking about the other Scott Wilson, thon tall defender who's playing for Stranraer.

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