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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇨🇭Switzerland

kick-off 8pm

Ally Ross - Hated by the hun

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on a similar theme, it appears it woz the blacks and cafflicks wot dun it


From a Hibs board, I assume it's originally from follow follow or the like:

#1 Today, 14:25


Trialist Join Date: 16-04-2008




I don't mind telling you that I wept when I saw the images from Manchester on my television screen. These were not tears of shame, of sorrow but of anger. I was incensed that a handful of drunken idiots have besmirched the good name of my club and everything that our great institution represents.


I won't fall into the trap of blaming foreign infiltrators be they "Chelsea" fans or taigs with tickets, no we have in the best traditions of Scotland's premier club to hold up our hands and say, "Sorry, we are guilty". The morons who donned our colours may well call themselves Rangers fans ,but they are not followers as they do not follow on. And therein lies the difference, we follow a club, they cheer when we are winning.


I was not unable to follow myself due to my bunions but I was there in spirit.

When that great wee man David Edgar said that the trouble at Manchester was reflection of society, he was merely speaking the truth.


Single parents, underage drinking, teenage pregnancies, AIDS, social security scroungers, asylum seekers.....and the list goes on and on and on.


Let's put it his way fifty years ago, there was no AIDS, there were no gays or lesbians, there was no unemployment or teenage pregnancies because the word 'teenager' had never been invented! There was capital and corporal punishment, people had RESPECT for themselves and the society in which they lived. Of course I could be accused of looking through the world with blue tinted glasses and am merely reporting what I thought I saw.


But look at the facts, people didn't get murdered in the numbers they do today. A policeman would come along in the street and cuff a youngster's ear and that was the problem solved. At school, teachers were allowed to belt naughty children and it never did them any harm.


This was incidentally the post-war period after we had helped destroy fascism. The monarchy was revered and everybody was happier. Rangers too were THE team, everybody knew their place, things worked and it was the natural order.


Then came the sixties.


It is no coincidence that the decade that saw drugs, hippies, free love and the abolition of capital punishment saw the rise of Celtic and the trouble in Ireland and America with some people protesting and trying to get above their station.


By giving blacks and Irish Catholics more civil rights in Northern Ireland and America, society began to crumble and events degenerated terribly. At Manchester, we saw the final phase in this development. This new society now means Anarchy, lawlessness and mayhem. This is not Rangers fault and has nothing to do with football. That is all I have to say

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For some reason that link isn't working for me - the clip isn't loading, and the download option is being denied to me by the good old work firewall.


What was the gist of what he was saying?


He basically says that he hates Rangers more than he hates England, they're a vile club and he's pleased that the rest of the world got to see what we have to put up with. 118hufd.gif

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on a similar theme, it appears it woz the blacks and cafflicks wot dun it


From a Hibs board, I assume it's originally from follow follow or the like:


Fucking hell, it beggars belief that people actually think like that. 

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