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Chris Killen

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See his agent is today making noises about a couple of Premiership clubs apparently being interested :o


Well an agent's hardly gonna say "No-one wants my client" are they? ::)


My point was one of surprise that he would expect folk to believe his client was good enough for the Premiership

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We have a couple of strikers who were rated very highly and had people drooling at us signing them. Why sign another?


I think that a player like Stevie Lovell playing with Hibs would have scored a lot of goals because of the service from their midfield.


We should sort out other areas of the team before we buy another striker or we will end up with another player who suddenly aint scoring goals for us.

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I think we need to look at wether or not Killen , or any other "target" will actually strengthen the current side.


Will another forward do that, or, as has been done to death is it the service to the forwards that needs sorted first?


Also, does he increase competition for places genuinely or is he either a guaranteed start or a back up player in which case no.


No point in paying wages to have a BIG squad, we need to strengthen specific areas and increase competition for places to keep the likes of Seve, Clark, Foster, dare I say Anderson at their best

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I genuinely believe we've got the right strikers at the squad right now. We just don't have any creative midfielders who can feed the strikers anything. Nicholson is reasonably creative, but one source is not good enough. I'm pretty miffed we didn't have a real crack at signing Brian Kerr. Would Michael Stewart be worth a look at?

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