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Saturday 9th March 2024:  kick-off 12.15pm

🏆 Scottish Cup Quarter Finals 🏆

Aberdeen v Kilmarnock

🔴⚪️ Stand Free! ⚪🔴

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Thought we were pretty poor,but Warnock saw some positives.....


Aberdeen manager Neil Warnock tells BBC Scotland: "I thought the application was excellent. To go a goal down early on, a lot of teams might have crumbled but I thought we hung in there. I thought we grew into the game, to get the goal like we did was a real plus. I felt we were rushing a bit, playing the occasion and not calming down but I thought we did that as the game moved on.

"I have been in the game a long time but we didn't really know what to expect having only seen the players for a couple of days. They have answered all the questions. It is my kind of club, the fans were fabulous and the players have given me everything. I am looking forward to the challenge.

"They are all putting a shift in now. some of the lads who have got away with one in the last 12 months are having to work a little bit harder now.

"I think we can give any team a game. We have played the top three three times now let's try and make sure we play them again.

"The lads have set the standard tonight and I think they can raise that. I am pleased with everything they have done tonight. We are disappointed because I think we were close to an equaliser."

On Bojan Miovski: "I think he will get 30 before the end of the season. I think they will be queuing up for him. He works harder than people think which is unusual for a striker.

On Scottish football: "It is a breath of fresh air, you can't put that desire into people and that was in there.

"I don't think I have ever seen a referee in England go to the screen and stick with his decision, what a good thing to do. I thought he had a good game tonight.

"The fans got really behind us. As a supporter you can't ask any more if the lads give everything. I was pleased and I think the fans will be.

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Just done a quick bit of research.  Bojan's thirteen goals have been responsible for SIXTEEN of our 25 points amassed in league so far.  Scored in two of three League Cup matches that got us to Final too.  Also opens scoring in Last 32 Scottish Cup tie.  Wins us a point at home to HJK Helsinki in European group stage.  That's seventeen of his twenty goals being responsible for a positive result.  Of course he is paid to do that but the guy needs the burden taken off his shoulders at some point.

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Lewis/Roos' alarming drops in ability - does Craig Sampson's coaching come into question?

As for the game, Rangers pressed us in possession and we couldn't handle it, wanted too much time on the ball, and we coughed up possession.

Yet we could have sneaked out of there with a draw. 

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12 hours ago, OrlandoDon said:

Wonder if the Warnock influence gets him an EPL move and a bigger transfer fee??

Doubt it. They'll all have big data systems that govern their signing policies. If there was a Warnock style manager there that based their signing on gut feel and word of mouth, then possibly, but I suspect that there are few of those left. I'm certain that there are a few sides down there who are already keeping a close eye on him. The only way Warnock will influence things, is if he makes him a better player. Although given that Bojan seems to be improving himself on a continuing basis, it might be a little unfair to credit Warnock.

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