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  1. Slim

    Celeb Deaths

    Best known for having his name replace Richard Gough’s name on the original AFC Chat swear filter.
  2. McInnes will have a pinger now, opportunity to go 6-4-0 formation in the 2nd half.
  3. We're murdering them down the flanks, we'd have at least 3 if we had a proper striker or Cosgrove in there. Hedges and Wright seem to want to take 5 touches before getting a shot away.
  4. Fuck me that has to be a penalty.
  5. Getting in a known quantity who isn’t rubbish for free can only be a good thing. Not exciting and probably won’t move us up a level but a good signing overall I’d say. Between Leigh, Hayes and Considine, we have a bunch of options on the left side to suit whichever formation we play.
  6. Stoke manager is hoping to get rid of Liam Lindsay before the deadline, would seem a good fit on paper although I don't remember actually ever seeing him play before.
  7. Fuck off with these short corners. Plan C needed.
  8. We need a Plan B for set pieces. One that doesn't involve climbing on their defenders. We know the referee will blow the whistle at the slightest hint of contact so aiming for Taylor at the back post flanked by 2 defenders probably isn't going to bring much success.
  9. I think it's fair to say our performance mirrored the manager's wardrobe choices.
  10. Bevis Mugabe for fuck's sake. Butthead Hitler to get the 4th.
  11. Time to ask for more money from Forest...
  12. We don’t seem to have much luck with this type of signing, the experienced Scottish player coming back from down south. Bryson, McNamara, Hartley, Rae, that blonde-haired Ex-Hun central midfielder whose name escapes me, all varying levels of pish and extremely poor value for money.
  13. McGeouch played like a man possessed last time we played Hibs, so I'd hope for more of the same from him again. I think a 352 would suit Hernandez on the right flank, Kennedy seems to be a bit of a horror show defensively.
  14. All very dull. Either throw in the young lad Ruth and see how he does or in the style of Jimmy Calderwood throw a dart at a list of random Eastern European free agent strikers and see who turns up. Much more exciting than the latest teenage striker from the fringes of an English Championship team on loan.
  15. Cosgrove and McKenna submitting transfer requests would be utterly pointless seeing that we've been actively trying to sell them for the past year. Might be something in Bryson/Devlin but the rest of it sounds like bollocks to me. No interest in "Cum Dog" ever playing for us, absolute weapon.
  16. Isn’t he a defensive midfielder? Surely that must mean someone is leaving unless we plan to play a 2-7-1 formation.
  17. Better that than points deduction I suppose.
  18. That was Craig Brown-era levels of insipidity. Considine couldn't even manage to snap that saluting prick properly.
  19. They’d be mental not to go for Tommy Wright. Guaranteed mid-table finishes for at least 5 years, for Dundee United that’s like having a free lifetime supply of Calor Gas.
  20. I think we are well staffed to utilise a 352 with Hernandez and Hayes as wing backs. I assume Hayes coming means we won't be signing Leigh permanently. Lewis Taylor (or Logan may be suited to go a bit more central as he loses his pace) McKenna Considine Hernandez Ferguson Ojo Kennedy Hayes McGinn Cosgrove I don't think we can see another season of McGinn out wide, Kennedy also looks better through the middle than out wide, Hernandez doesn't look like he can be trusted to defend properly and it'll be a stretch to expect Considine to spend another season galloping up the left flank.
  21. No, that record lasted about a week, Kairat played Bordeaux in the next round.
  22. Shades of Calderwood's last season. Played awful football, seemed to be dropping points all over the place, but still end up in the European spot at the end.
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