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Next Match:  Scottish League Cup: St Mirren v Aberdeen

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  1. Nope. I don't drink. Do you not think we can beat the Huns?
  2. I have a feeling were going to do them over. 2-1 us.
  3. Aye. Looks like him. I'm ashamed to say that I don't know much about him. He does seem to have had an interesting past. " George Campbell had been the youngest ever player to play for Aberdeen. He came on a sixteen year old substitute against Morton in 1975 to make his First Division (current Premiership) debut. Hellas paid a record fee of $20,000 to secure the skillful, tricky youngster already dubbed "The White Pele". In five seasons at Middle Park he would score 17 goals from 104 appearances with the club reaching a best ever NSL placing to that point when Runner's-Up in 1981."
  4. A few years back the club had a replica of that shirt for sale. I sent off for one, but for some reason they sent me the 1970 cup winners shirt. That is the one with the long sleeves, which really nice looking, long sleeves are not the best for the tropics... I do wear it when it gets "cooler" here. I got in contact with the club about the mix up and they sent me the 1976 for free. I thought that was top notch of the club shop.
  5. Willie Miller scores vs Celtic to win the league 1984/85
  6. Jim Hermiston. 1969. He left at a fairly young age (27) to join the police and ended up moving to Brisbane where he remained in the police until he retired.
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