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  1. At least 2020 has had something consistent about it, hibs being reliably hibs
  2. First game against the caravan dwellers at Pittordrie In a while , last time being the SC I 2018 when we won 4-2. were the form team in the fixture as well as between the two, having only lost one of our six previous fixtures, whereas they’ve lost three of their last six. last time round it was 0-0, and they’ve not really dropped too far down the league. Can see it being another tight game, given our issues with creativity. i presume mccrories suspension is carried on given he didn’t play, or is it only for that fixture? out bed bed bed 1-1, consi
  3. Was reunited with his family yesterday. Nice to see, will be keeping tabs on where he ends up and how his career actually progresses! Don’t think the club have painted themselves in glory with this whole affair.
  4. Sam alardyce’s west brom got pumped 5-0 by Leeds at home. Hilarious own goal for the first. Passing back to your keeper blindly
  5. £20 for ppv?!? Fuck that. Sums up what is what wrong with football if that’s the pricing in the middle of a fucking pandemic. Been a mad few days, but you beat me to it Jute had just sat down to do it not sure what the answer is with Kennedy. Doesn’t appear DM is able to unlock what made him desirable at the saints. His overall play is not of the standard we need. Out bed bed (if I’m lucky) breakfast duty 1-1, main
  6. Quite frankly, that’s pathetic for a team with any ambitions at the top of the table. And actually quite un-McInnes like.
  7. Hope everyone had a great Christmas, time for the Dons to step the fuck up. COYR!
  8. Shite news. He actually offered something different to what we have (not necessarily on the scoring front). Cosgrove, Edmondson and main. Very samey.
  9. Really need to start picking up 3 points against teams like the saints. Sounds like creativity was a worry against ‘Well and I’m hoping that if Kennedy gets the nod, he has extra impetus to perform against his old club. Our home form is better than their home form, but with mcrorie out for this one, we’re a bit lighter in mid. Campbell should slot in, but who knows. Out bed bed bed 1-1, hedges
  10. Well, I’m glad I wasn’t able to watch this after all. Was a decent starting line up, really thought we’d do something positive with it.
  11. So far, that’s been my assessment of his career
  12. Great to see Hoban in and amongst it. Agree MBT, looks like a decent line up. COYR
  13. Disagree that it looks terrible, are you comparing it visually? Not sure it's really relevant? I don't actually think that summer football is the answer. The climate is changing so rapidly that summer is shite anyway with winter not being anywhere near as cold as it should be.
  14. Quite keen on Mandalorian, wife has just got Disney+ so will try get into that in the near future. We finished His Dark Materials the other day. Annoying it just ends the way it does but I guess that's Covid related. Have started watching Industry too. Ooft, basically a UK pornographic version of suits
  15. Hadn't realised that stat was relevant to that many of the previous meetings. Better hope we get the first goal then!
  16. I can totally see some of that happening, especially the bit about the pet food standard of yank food. I feel for you guys back in the UK. We all saw it coming and it was inevitable, but Brexit is how they're going to sneak it through. They failed with the previous trade agreement and only needed to bid their time until the next opportunity. Chlorinated Chicken
  17. Or, as BBC have done, completely erase the game completely: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/teams/aberdeen/scores-fixtures/2020-12?filter=results Finally got round to watching the highlights, decent finish from Cosgol for that:
  18. Not that Christmas is the same for anyone this year, but traditionally this would have been a decent booze up. 'Well are on a terrible run of form at the moment both away and at home. They have conceded 7 goals in the last three games alone, and I daresay that covid gifting them a game or two has papered over their cracks. Be interesting to see how we line up for this one with McRorie being suspended for the next one. Still, personally think he's far better suited to midfield than at RB, and we can't be chopping and changing. That's precisely what McInnes does and what we hate. Also, pl
  19. Well, we all knew its a risk with Hoban, but he's so far been worth it. Why the fuck are we getting so many injuries, are other teams suffering as much?
  20. Ffs, what steaming pile of pish, even by his standards
  21. Do you think so? The guy isn't a winner and I'd say his stock has fallen considerably. I guess they might talk to him out of courtesy.
  22. Ha, I was away to do that this morning! Ah well, it's not like it's even two days out Agree, it would only seem fair to play Main given his goals last weekend and Cosgrove is clearly not fit (or interested). I've given up trying to predict these things given how we were playing a few weeks back, but managed to keep a clean sheet last weekend so hopefully it's a sign of the form changing. It's actually quite kind of them to make this a 12o'clock kick off, tv and no fans. Saves us from going to Kilmarnock Out Bed Bed Bed 2-1 Dons, Hedges and Consi
  23. Thought Al had done one for this season, but turns out it was for the last. First up, Ethan Ross. seems to be getting rave reviews at Raith. Fingers crossed he's given the chance to make the step up into the first team. Like the other two we have out on loan, his contract ends in May 2021 though.
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