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  1. I didn't realise I'd said the exact same thing pretty much a year ago!
  2. Is the alternative not having Scott McKenna leaving the club under breach of contract rules and signing for Celtic?
  3. Where do Uefa get the money from? I've had a discussion with a hun telling me they will be OK as uefa have guaranteed them the money from the next round! Where does that 6 million come from? Do they even have it to dish out (Der hun must be way down the list). Similar issues in Aussie rules too, they have asked the player to accept a 50% pay cut for three months and asses it after that, we played the first round behind closed doors so I guess there was some mad Foxtel clause after that was done but there is no money after that!
  4. Pretty sure My Dad said the same thing in 1979.
  5. That looks like its been written by the Dictator of an African country trying to appease the masses!
  6. We did it last year. I didn't have to swear to the queen, not even God!!! The affirmation (the Oath is the religious one) has you swearing your loyalty to Australia and its people, no mention of auld lizzie. I love it here and am not going back so it was a no brainer for me, I just saw it as a natural step up from 457, PR then citizenship. I feel like I'd just be pretending otherwise. I've also got high school aged kids and it makes a big difference to University fees and the like. Get it done. plus the Auzzie passports are cheaper.
  7. Nigel Pepper It took him 6 minutes and 17 seconds.
  8. Depends if we are classing the African Cup of Nations as a Major tournament? Zero scored in Jan 2002 (Against Burkina Faso) and left Pittodrie in July that year.
  9. Erm A Strong Rangers that finished 5th? Behind Celtic, St Mirren and Dundee Utd. Hibs Finished Bottom and Hearts finished top of Division one!!
  10. If you have a drink problem Australia is the place for you! The Drive through Bottle Shop is just a hint at the culture here!
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