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  1. Cannae disagree min. Shame really, as the live chat used to be really good years ago on a Saturday if you couldn't make the game.
  2. The same Celtic that have no manager ? Where you hearing that Tup ?
  3. Before even my time RIP Alex
  4. One of the erse wipe rags has gone even better and used the word "skelped"
  5. Only saw last 20 mind or so but hearing that Ramsay had a pretty solid debut and capable of putting in half decent crosses that beat the first man ?
  6. Oot Golf Golf/maybe catch last half hour on tv Fuck knows 2-0 (Considine & Ferguson)
  7. McBurnie seriously, what's the point ?
  8. McInnes didn't scout Hernandez. Atlanta and Aberdeen compared their scouting lists, Atlanta had Hernandez on theirs. We were allegedly in the market for a right back, the possibility of Ronnie was put to McInnes and he said yes. Jack McKenzie would have been at Atlanta on loan were it not for Covid supposedly Not saying I believe any or all of it, just repeating what was said
  9. Hinge & Bracket on commentary duties again
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