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Next Match: St Johnstone v Aberdeen

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  1. Middleton is at St Johnstone. Jones just no and not just because he is one of them.
  2. AFC confirming that deal is done with pre contract having been signed Wright to remain until season end (at least for the time being) Fear for Tup's mental state now
  3. And still there are those who think he is some kind of saviour awaiting the call
  4. Ok, let's go get that proverbial winner Jack Ross
  5. As comfortable as it gets, however one swallow does not a summer make More enjoyable watch than it has been for some time.
  6. Referee is well out of his depth He has been fucking awful
  7. How the fuck is that thug Polworth still on the park ? An elbow, a kick out and then goes head to head with Ojo Outcome, he gets a yellow, Ojo gets yellow and Wright the innocent party in it all gets a yellow.
  8. And that's only against Motherwell
  9. Sorry Rico much as I know where you're coming from having a laugh at Lennon this is actually pretty tragic. Lennon has a history of mental health issues. Celtic actually need to take him out of the spotlight and protect him. This is frankly nothing short of tragic to be honest
  10. In fairness Tup, you'll no be around today to see it mate
  11. Good old Google Anyway back to the game itself Out Golf Red TV Fuck all (there is nothing you're legally allowed to do after all) 0-2 (Wright & Stewart)* * Deal is concluded @ 3.48pm in the away dressing room and Greg replaces Scotty at half time and makes instant impact causing Tup to implode*
  12. No evidence whatsoever. Shinnie and no doubt Kenny McLean as well
  13. Tup min, you're turning this into classic McCarthyism
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