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  2. Meanwhile today over in The Netherlands, Ajax win 13-0 away from home.
  3. Ah fuck just seeing this. I have to confess to being a big fan of Ebbe A real character in a game where there are far too few of them nowadays Two cup finals in a season where we finished bottom of the league, conceded seven at Parkhead and six at home to the Victims, and lets not forget that eleven goal thriller that night at Fir Park By fuck it was a real rollercoaster of a time Thanks for the memories Ebbe. And to those that wished him out of the Pittodrie hot seat, it was a classic case of be careful what you wish for given what came after him. Once a Don, Always a Don Rest In Peace Ebbe.
  4. No abuse from me L.A Has to be said that it was outstanding, credit where credit is due.
  5. Get well soon mate. Good performance and three points on Sunday to aid thee recovery.
  6. No and not necessarily so to answer your two questions IMHO.
  7. In fairness Tup he only really missed playing for us for five months of one season but I guess if he'd had a purple patch during that time he would be sitting pretty close to the hundred.
  8. Where's Manc when you need him. Thursday and no weekend match thread As I've stated elsewhere hoping that they get a right good doing on Thursday evening and are feeling sorry for themselves off the back of two comprehensive defeats. A little early to predict the team as we await injury updates on Hayes & Edmondson as well as those currently on their way back from longer term injuries. One wish obviously for the game. please don't leave anything out there guys. This lot are vulnerable and there to be beaten. Derek don't try another of your game management masterclasses where you worry about their strengths instead of playing to ours. Out - obviously Walking dog on the beach TV Doing my radio show 2-1 (Hedges and Considine)
  9. You know what Rico, I swear as got is my witness as soon as I'd sent my post I was going back to edit and add Considine but a client called me and you beat me to it
  10. Seriously hoping these cunts get run ragged and ripped a new one tonight by Milan. Couple of injuries wouldn't go amiss either Not wishing career ending injuries on anyone but enough to keep them out for the next 10/14 days would suffice
  11. I rather sense that this milestone will prove to be beyond McGinn unfortunately. McGinn has been an extremely valuable player for us (particularly during his first spell) but I wouldn't go as far as to describe him as a legend to be honest. The word legend for me is for guys like Harper, Miller & McLeish
  12. Starting to look that way Jute.
  13. Ex Victim FC and Hun FC midfielder was a guest of Aberdeen tonight at Pittodrie and would be available to sign outside of transfer window.
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