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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇨🇭Switzerland

kick-off 8pm

Joey Barton


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All this fuss over comments from Barton makes me laugh.


Football fans in Scotland have been brainwashed for decades that there are only two clubs worth bothering about in Scotland. The Scottish football media are now lambasting Barton when he dares badmouth Scottish football, especially when he takes a dig at the Glasgow Two.


He is entitled to his opinion as is everybody. :wave:

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Not sure how that did can think he has any valid comment to make. He got owned in Scotland, on a weekly basis and wasn’t even the best player in a shite the rangers team. I’ve never ubderstood the obsession but I guess the Scottish media and those who run it don’t half play our league down so why shouldn’t anyone else?

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The English are absolutely obsessed with putting down Scottish football. They often seemed to be offended when I mention that I've no interest in the English game and only follow scottish football. It's this same arrogance that has taken us out of the EU.

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I admit to having watched match of the day over the past 3-4 seasons but I couldn't even have told you who won the league for the 10 seasons before that.


It always was the case that the English game had mutch better TV coverage, with more cameras at the game, better backroom staff etc. So it always looked far more professional.


In particular, I remember one cup final day in the seventies when we got all the razzle dazzle of Wembley, while at Hampden one of the two cameras covering the game focused in on a dog invading the pitch. *


However it has been a long long time since I saw an English game in it's entirety.

I had the misfortune to watch Leicester v Chelsea on Sunday, it was fuckin dire.


The 5 minute clip with the music afterwards was ace though.







* What ever happened to dogs invading the pitch?

Many a dull game brightened up by players chasing a mongrel around.

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I think there's a danger of mixing the debates here.


Barton - a reprobate undereducated thick piece of shit of zero integrity and an absolute arsehole - cast aspersions towards the quality in the Scottish game.


And this is the game we grew up with, the league we have invested the most in for most of our lives.


By whichever benchmark we care to use - player wages, national team, interest from outwith Scotland or simply just watching the SPFL often enough - Barton is absolutely correct. The quality of footballer we watch has been steadily declining for many decades where most of us think our own club, the second best in the country, only has 3 or 4 competent technicians, the rest being loser journeymen. And even our best players aren't good enough to get anywhere near the top leagues in Europe.


And this is the country with the biggest ratio of population to crowd figures in the world.


The vast majority of us, like football fans worldwide, only support one team. So we don't give a fuck who wins the overhyped EPL or the incestuous Champions League. But some of us still love the game despite the fact we see it being played very badly at Pittodrie by both our own club and the opposition most weeks. I won't bother with MOTD most weeks but any good football I do happen across isn't Scottish. Mo Salah on Saturday was sublime - happened to get a train to a pub to meet some old guys - and like de Bruyne and Sane and Willian at various times this season, has been breathtakingly brilliant to watch. Money has skewed the stakes and has de-levelled the playing field for sure, and our country's administrators couldn't have been less competent but the fact is, the game in this country including our own team is substandard shite.



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* What ever happened to dogs invading the pitch?

Many a dull game brightened up by players chasing a mongrel around.


  There was a cat invasion last week in the Besiktas v. Bayern game...Besiktas got fined and the cat was voted man of the match by the fans.

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Barton is entitled to spout anything he likes about Scottish football.

He was offered a forum and used it, much like we all do here.


He may have some valid points, but he is making his from a high vantage point as someone who has experienced playing football at a higher level than the teams we currently watch in Scotland.

We all know that the standard of football elsewhere is better, but that can be directly attributed to Murdoch's millions and it's bastard stepchild BT sport.


If we go back to pre pay tv days, the big clubs on both sides of the border were pretty much on a par with wages.

Alex Ferguson famously left to manage Manchester United for less money than he was on at Pittodrie.

Guys like Doug Rougvie left the club to go to a very poor Chelsea team in a very poor at the time, English league for a £5 a week more wage increase.


Money has changed the game beyond all recognition from those days and for Barton to come out with this opinion is surely unsurprising to anyone given his past record of gobshitery.


Barton picking on Scottish football with his words of wisdom is a bit like a young thug grabbing your 80 year old granny's purse in that it's an easy target, and obviously he has some sort of axe to grind with our poor Scottish game.


He is right in saying some of the things he's said, but he's doing no more than stating the obvious really.


Barton himself isn't really that well placed to comment, given that he couldn't hack Scottish football for longer than a few months before shitting his pants and getting himself signed off by his doctor.


He is pretty much a No Mark who has vented his spleen on a forum.


Ref the dogs at matches, it must be down to the long turnstile gates that clubs use these days that stop mongrels getting into the match.

Given that the club intend to move to the countryside in the next couple of years, we might see more dogs and a few sheep at New Pittodrie.

I do remember Police dog displays at Pittodrie with Alsatians jumping through hoops of fire and Plod being mauled after firing a gun by said dogs at half time though.



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