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Lost Wallet


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Right I want everybody to share this post and see if social media will identify one's mystery saviour. After attending St.Johnstone game yesterday I've unwittingly LOST OUR WALLET!!! Not sure how we've let it do a "City Centre Dash" and go missing for nearly three hours but inside we possessed £68 cash, two betting slips worth £105, plus my emergency bank card with no more than fifty pounds available.

When daunting moment we'd potentially got robbed or just plain carelessness had hit me yours truly retraced previous movement. Nothing but panic during madman hunt!!! Then asked Premier Inn staff yet annoyingly little progress made although they helped Lee cancel said current account straight away. Sadly nobody handed anything over towards them either. Some old bloke saw SeeBass reaching boiling point hence suggested nearby North East Divisional Headquarters.

Explained sad story where police officer manning front desk is concerned. Aforementioned nice guy wanted various information first before doing nationwide search.

"Give us your mobile number so somebody can tell you what time Mr Seymour should come be reunited."

Apparently an individual(s) approached his bobbing beating colleague King Street area. Feel blessed people. Hadn't been touched. Everything STILL THERE!!!

Police won't give details. Need find above 'Good Samaritan' somehow!!!  Wonder whether fellow fan responsible actually.

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