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One Foot in the Mortuary WYOWYN

Ten Caat

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Okayyyyyyyy.....was sent a video today by my daughter's boyfriend under the guise of being the highlights of thier trip to Paris where he proposed and the little shit accepted so I'm going to be the faither in law of a practical joking Falkirk fanatic.....video he sent contained this little err vixen in action


If you watched X factor 7 years ago then its Katie Waissel's grandma ...


If you watched the video I was sent then its the woman that made you lose your lunch on the new carpet


And if you watched neither shes the UKs oldest active "escort" and game old biddy Sheila Vogel-Coupe (i had to google)


Lets see you say yes to this Buc....









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Good man Buc....  but you're defo on yer own with this one!


Watch out for the smell once you pick that scab off her fanny!  :eek:




My mates used to joke about my taste in woman ..

You could say i was the laughing stock of Northfield.. but i always had a laugh and a good time that's the end result what counts ..


I've dated stunning lassies of course I have i didnt look like this when i was 20.. :dunno:


Funny thing my wife is pretty and slim she's a keep fit fanatic best thing she's certainly busty. :laughing:

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