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I did the count down, now lets get the juices flowing and the viens pumping,


I only posted vids of wins in Glasgow, but fuck it am posting this also

( i couldnt get a good vid of the win at parkred of Pawletts winner)


Feel free to add!


To all Going to the game tomorrow, to all at home and abroad lets all enjoy it and hopefully the Boys bring the league cup back up the road


Stand Free Dandies





Lets get into this cunts






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Lets hope Sunty comes then.



2 hours sleep should be enough to see me through.

Give it 15 minutes then I'll leave ridiculously early, drive down to Glasgow, be at The Rock miles before it opens only to remember that I can't drink with abandon because I will have to drive home again.


Still, a cup final's a cup final.



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In to these hooors heed first.  Drive safe abdy that's heading south (or north) bound.  Ease up on the fags mallaga, don't want you missing McLeans 79th minute winner by having a coughing fit.


Not too late to get that on at the bookies, you can thank me after  ;)

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