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Sunday 23rd June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇭🇺 Hungary

kick-off 8pm

Dons fans shame

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SICK football yobs have vandalised a memorial plaque dedicated to a fan who died at the age of six.


The heartbroken parents of young Hearts supporter Cameron Strathie had the plaque fixed to his season ticket seat at Tynecastle.


Cameron died from the same heart defect that killed Motherwell skipper Phil O'Donnell.


The inscription on his seat read "Cameron Strathie, Forever a Jambo 2/8/99 - 7/1/06".


But when his dad John, 43, went to Tynecastle on Saturday, he was disgusted to see the plaque had been wrenched off and thrown away.


He said: "As I approached my seat, people round about were looking upset. Then they pointed out the plaque was gone.


"The name tags on other season ticket-holders had been torn off.


"I was sickened to my stomach. Whoever did this must have known it was in memory of a wee lad."


John and his wife Deborah, 33, blame Aberdeen fans who were in the Gorgie stand during Tuesday night's CIS Cup semi-final between the Dons and Dundee United.


The game was marred by missiles being thrown from both ends and is being investigated by the SFA.


John, from Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, said: "Someone would have had to have taken a key or a screwdriver to prise it off.


"I'm not tarring all Aberdeen fans with the same brush. Sadly, every club has a tiny minority of morons who follow them. "


Cameron had sleep apnoea, which can cause the sufferer to stop breathing in the night. He died after an attack when a heart valve failed.


The couple have two other children, Leah, four, and Keira, six months.


An Aberdeen FC spokesman said: "We are horrified that someone should do something so disgusting.


"We shall be writing to the family expressing our sincere apologies."


Nicked this fae KKK chat, some talk of getting some money together to replace it. Would like to say I cant believe it but some of the idiot behavior in the Gorgie Stand on Tuesday makes me know this is true. It was only a minority but we all get tarred.

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Very sad indeed.  Surely the club will be able to find out who was in that seat?  That said, it might not have been the person who was in that seat.

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A wee whip round by the more sensible Dons fans would be a good idea.  Of course I'd be willing to chuck some cash in if it's not someone on KKK pocketing the cash again.



I would throw in a few quid too as long as its nae going to fund an inflatable Pierce Brosnan.

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Obviously most of you do not look at afc-chat these days but one of those lads have set up an account CRY Charity (Cardiac Risk in the Young) which was what the family plaque was removed wishes - sadly its under the banner of afc-chat rather than aberdeen but if anyone wants to donate they just go to




Also Cameron's mum and dad posted this on jambo's kickback :


Been on AFC Chat, a lot of talk about if the plaque was knocked off by accident. Tried to put a post on their site but couldn't register.


A director from Aberdeen has been in touch asking for our seat nos., as they are doing an investigation, we have given them the details. I'll say this much they are in the Gorgie stand. The plaque was on the front of the seat underneath the name sticker put there by the club to show the season book holder's name.


Numerous seats next to, in front of and behind our seats had these name stickers ripped off, some bits were left on the seats.


The plaque was fixed to a larger backing as the seat is bevelled and this allowed the plaque to sit straight. It was fixed extremely firmly and also had black sealant round it.


Many of our friends and family have sat in the seat, got up and cheered and it has never moved. In fact the first match we attended after it had been put on we prodded it and pulled it to test it. It was going nowwhere.


We do not wish to blacken the name of Aberdeen or its fans, but someone purposefully removed it (I'd say using some sort of implement) and this is not acceptable. All we want is for the person to be utterly ashamed of their actions and to know the upset this has caused. We are still only starting to realise what happened to our son without having to deal with this.


Out of this though has come some good, this sort of tragedy is only too common and more needs to be done to bring it to light. For example Phil O'Donnell, Terry Yorath's son. the guy from Cameroon and a player from Seville recently along with the thousands of normal everyday youngsters.


Thanks to all Heart's and Aberdeen fans for your donations and comments.


Cameron's mum and dad


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