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Saturday 2nd March 2024:  kick-off 3pm

Scottish Premiership - St Mirren v  Aberdeen

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Seve Played really well....

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aye, wasn't me that said it, but JC did, obviously not watching our game, again then.




I don't think today hurt as much as it did on Tuesday and to be fair to the lads I thought they went out from the start and were knocking the ball about with confidence considering what happened to them midweek.


Wee Deks had a chance with a header early on but we missed it and then Barry got injured early on and we started to suffer then and we were down to ten men and they got a goal.


I think it was 1-0 when Darren had a chance but missed and then they got a second goal which to us was sloppy but to them was a great goal and then good teams are going to punish you at this stage.


It looks like we took a hammering but I don't think it is quite that bad and I think there are some positives to take from the game.Seve played really well and I think Maybury did well also but today we just didn't get the goals and that is what wins games.


I don't think it will be a hard job to lift the players for Thursday as it is such a massive game, they may be a little bit down tomorrow but that will soon lift when they realise what is happening on Thursday night.


As far as injuries go it looks like major doubts for Barry, Foster, Young will all be major doubts but nothing is confirmed and we will just have to see how things work out throughout the week.

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I thought the first half performance was a vast improvement but for 3 ridiculous errors at the back. Mackie showed his prowess in front of goals and Bus showed his prowess for a fucking tootoo and Walker looked like he'd been over indulging in his great grandfaithers red label.


I thought Seve did well in something that resembled the fucking Alamo for him in the middle, especially after Nicholson went off.

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I really didn't think Bus played badly, certainly a better option than most at the back. There were far worse criminals on the pitch that day, our "beloved" "captain" being one and master headless chicken being another.


Most of what? Byrne and Diamond have been the best centre backs this season, the best partnership at least. Bus didn't look dreadful but his glaring fuck up for the first goal was a bad one. Danced over the ball when getting it cut out seemed far easier.


BTW, Mackie, HE DUCKED IN THE WALL FOR THAT GINGER CUNT TO SCORE! Someone MUST have code red'd that fanny after that.

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