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Scumbag Keeper Red Carded ?

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Don't shoot me if there is no truth in this, but just received a text alleging that their keeper was shown a red card after the final whislte last night. I can't vouch for the accuracy of this and certainly haven't read it anywhere online or heard in sport reports.


Anyone else heard this  ???

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Still ane confirmation of red card though.

Couple of things in that article, firstly looks like the Polish twat has just slapped Brines ;)

Secondly, Calderwood's quote is frankly a fucking joke >:(


Whilst I agree that Calderwood looks like a right numpty after that result, I would have to agree that Langfield should not have been reduced to a nervous wreck by a few cat-calls, pies, coins, lighters and plastic cups. It should have made him more determined to do well and shut them up. Instead he bottled it big style and only encouraged further taunting throughout the match.


Not good enough for the SPL. Simple as that.


EDIT: In fact you could say that he was responsible for the nervousness/recklessness that seemed to permeate the whole team once Utd started playing a wee bit.

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I wonder what will happen if I throw a cup of tea over Calderwood on Sunday?  Dug out is just in front of my seat so I'll have plenty of opportunity.


"come on Jimmy, its only a cup of tea, lighten up min!"



He's always challenging folk to come up to him and make their feeling known to him, cant say he wasnt asking for it. Make it a cup of Bovril though, nothing worse than being reeking of beef!

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Zaluska frustrated with fans treatment



Dundee United goalkeeper Lukasz Zaluska revealed his frustration after being targeted by missile-throwing Aberdeen fans during the 4-1 CIS Insurance Cup semi-final win.


Zaluska could face Scottish Football Association action if there is evidence he reacted inappropriately to the crowd trouble.


"During the second half I was fighting not only against the Aberdeen players but also their fans," he said in the Daily Mail. "My penalty area was full of chocolate bars, lighters and £1 coins. If I had grabbed all of them, I could now afford a good dinner in an elegant restaurant."


The SFA are set to investigate the incidents which marred the semi-final.


Objects were thrown at referee Iain Brines by supporters in the Aberdeen end of the stadium as he sent off Dons striker Lee Miller for a challenge on United defender Darren Dods.


And the game in Edinburgh was briefly halted with Aberdeen leading 1-0 after Dons goalkeeper Jamie Langfield was pelted by missiles, including what appeared to be a plastic cup.


The SFA expect the match report from Brines to mention the crowd trouble, in which case the matter would be referred to the disciplinary committee which meets again in mid-March.


Zaluska expects to be unpopular with the Aberdeen fans, who took offence at his goal celebrations.


He said: "They won't like me in the future, I suppose, but that is usually the cost of a tense derby game."




So here we are almost forty eight hours on and you know what, i read shite like that and I realise i was right on Tuesday night the guy is a pure 100% CUNT


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