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FIFA presidency


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So with the presidency looming, who can you see winning it?


Surely Sepp Blatter will finally be rid of and die a sad, cold and lonely death in a cave in switzerland?


Anyway, candidates are:


Figo -Note sure how much I agree with Figos proposals for the world cup.  It should get smaller if anything.



Cunt - corruption, blackmail and brown envelopes


Van Praag - Up until Figo's announcement, was clear UEFA option ad it's rumoured that should the cunt win there might be a split away from FIFA.


Prince Ali of Jordon - most probable winner if it isn't the cunt. Not sure if this is much of an improvement and pretty much be much of the same i'd imagine. How he gains the support of the corrupt federations in Africa (Blatter strongholds) will be interesting.



I'd love there to be greater reform in the governing bodies (see the SFA for instance on a micro level) but i'm not holding my breath on it.


I do know there is also Ginola and Champagne, but these aren't real credible candidates.  Can't see either making much progress.


Summary of all the candidates:



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What do the Dutch you know think of Van Praag. I know the SFA are behind him (makes me suspicious).


From what I've read it's all been very positive towards him and had the backing of a lot of the old football stars (Cruijff especially).  He definitely says all the right things but does come across as a bit arrogant at times.  But i suppose in a world like FIFA you would probably have to be.  They blame Blatter for the bad image FIFA has so I'd probably vote for him if I could.

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