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Scott Brown

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Hearing we (Aberdeen) have signed Scott Brown GK from Cheltenham.


Pretty pleased with this.


Good shot stopper in fact good all round keeper, only real criticism is he can be a bit quiet although that is perhaps a bit unfair. Maybe recommended by Hector...



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Cheltenham fans seem to absolutely love him, including baggy89 randomly :wave:




Sounds like he could be a bit of a find, what's the scoop baggy? 


Edit, just read your original post there. 


Mcinnes will know these guys from managing bristol also, its going to be interesting to see their worth.  Quite a few scottish clubs have done well with taking from the english lower leagues and it looks like DM is following suit.  200 games in league one from Taylor by the age of 23 is quite impressive, he could be a bit of a find.

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Looks like Del's getting his players in early again avoiding the embarrassment of losing them to Dundee Utd or whoever, and avoiding the last minute scandal.


Little bit worried about up front, are we not a bit bare squad-wise there now, having freed 3? Obviously still need a LB as well.

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Nice small article on the Beeb about Scott Brown and certainly oozes DM's mantra of one game at a time.  Hope he, and the rest of the team can continue their good form today with a tough game in Paisley.


Aberdeen 'talking TV, not title', insists Scott Brown


Aberdeen players are more interested in discussing TV shows than a possible Scottish title and clean-sheet records, insists goalkeeper Scott Brown.

The Dons have taken over from Celtic at the top of the table amid a seven-game Premiership run without conceding.

"You take it with a pinch of salt," said Brown of accolades and title talk.

"We just talk about Big Brother, telly, Coronation Street whatever and St Mirren, because that's the next game. That's all we talk about."


One newspaper highlighted the statistic that Aberdeen presently have the longest clean-sheet run in any top-flight league in the world.


But Brown laughed that off along with comparisons to past Dons goalkeepers like Jim Leighton and Bobby Clark.

"I shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence as Jim and Bobby - they are absolute legends," said the Englishman who rejected a new contract with Cheltenham Town in the summer.  "I've only played 13 games for the club and I shouldn't be talked about in the same terms at all.  "Obviously the clean sheets are great, but the most important thing is winning games of football and that's what matters."


Aberdeen can stretch their lead over Celtic to four points should they defeat St Mirren on Saturday after the reigning champions decided to take a winter break that resulted in their match against St Johnstone being postponed.

However, Brown insists that the Dons squad would not be affected by any added pressure as leaders in Paisley.

"There's three points available on Saturday and that's what we are looking for - like we do every week," he said.

"Just because Celtic aren't playing doesn't make a difference.


"We're on a good run at the moment, but all we are looking to is the game on Saturday.

"That's what we've done for the last seven games - taken each game as it comes and that's what we need to do."

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