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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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High Temperatures


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Temperatures are set to plunge this weekend after the recent hot spell with snow and sleet expected in some parts of the country.


A week after reaching record-breaking highs for March in Scotland, temperatures are expected to fall over the next week.


Aboyne in Aberdeenshire recorded 23.6C on Wednesday, which was almost a degree and a half higher than the previous record set back in 1965.


Sean Batty, STV weatherman said: "The weather will be much cooler through this weekend with temperatures widely around 11-12C for central and southern parts. Northern areas will struggle to reach double figures.


"Some wintry showers are expected over Shetland on Friday night and into Saturday morning, however the wintry weather could extend in other areas next week.


"The temperature change will come as a shock especially with many mainland areas managing to get temperatures into the low 20s this week. For some areas this will be a 15C drop on mid-week temperatures."


Sean warned that some snow and sleet will fall on parts of the country after the "rare treat" of a heatwave in March.


He added: "The weather is set to turn colder into next week with bands of rain moving south. Much of this will fall as snow over the higher ground with also the possibility of some sleet and snow making it on low levels.


"I wouldn't expect it to accumulate on lower ground but it does look as though snow will lie over higher ground and on some high level routes in the Highlands.


"While this change may come as a surprise after some very warm weather, you would normally expect to get some sleet and snow at the beginning of spring. This week's sunbathing weather has been a rare treat and extreme at this time of year.


"Statistically it is more likely to get a white Easter than a white Christmas.

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