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"You're Not Scottish Anymore" - Hate Crime??

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I remeber Aberdeen supports singing this at Tyncastle in the past. Were we commiting a hate crime?




Police investigate chanting at Forest game

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nottingham Post



POLICE are treating a report of racist chanting by Nottingham Forest fans during the club's FA Cup derby with Leicester City as a "hate crime".


The force has launched an investigation after a member of the public complained about footage posted on the YouTube website which was recorded by a spectator at last Saturday's match at The City Ground.



The 53-second clip, posted online by user RedAndWhiteDogs, shows a handful of fans in the Main Stand directing chants at Leicester fans in the Bridgford Stand.


The fans are first heard chanting 'England, England, England' before shouting 'You're not anymore, you're not anymore, you used to be English, you're not anymore'.


The clip had last night been viewed more than 2,500 times.


Superintendent Mark Holland, who led the police operation at the match, said: "The incident is being treated as a hate crime and we are reviewing CCTV footage and following up on a number of lines of inquiry.


"We take all reports of racism very seriously and work extremely closely with the football clubs in a bid to kick racism out of the game."


A Nottingham Forest spokesman said: "Nottingham Forest have a zero tolerance attitude towards any inappropriate language at The City Ground.


"Any incidents of racial or abusive language reported to us during the game against Leicester City were dealt with immediately and appropriate action was taken.


"The club are continuing to assist the police with their investigation into this matter."


It is unclear whether the chants referred to Leicester City having Thai owners or the large Asian community in the city.


Having watched the footage Dr Kevin Harvey, a lecturer on sociolinguistics at the University of Nottingham, said: "The context is important in this case. Who or what are the fans directing their abuse at? Is it the owners of Leicester City or the Leicester people?


"Leicester is an ethnically diverse area so if they are aiming their aggression at that target it seems to me there's a prima facie case of racism.


"A lot of commentators argue in football matches you expect this and it's par for the course, but the question is when does it become abusive?"


Keith Mather, chairman of Nottingham Forest Supporters' Club, who went to the match, said: "I didn't hear the chants, but it is wrong and shouldn't be happening.


"In the 40 years I've been following Forest there's never been that underlying racial tension."

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