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Happy New Year


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Oh fucking joy, back to earth with a bump having to get up for work this morning.


Happy New Year to all Donstalkers :thumbsup:




Tell me aboot it min. The lengths in my head that I was going to to get out of going back to work today were frightening!

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Oh fucking joy, back to earth with a bump having to get up for work this morning.




Happy New Year to allsome Donstalkers :thumbsup:


FYI your information: If you go to Berlin for New Year, they lock folk outta the biggest street party in the world when it's full.

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I don't normally do this. In fact I never do. Good wishes from me to strangers just doesn't happen.


But you know what, if ever there was a time to change the habit of a lifetime, it's now.


To all Donstalkers and to most Dons fans everywhere, I wish you a fucking excellent year.


The goal is to get to this time next year, look back on a good year and feel the catharsis of cutting out any shit in your life. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that things are (mainly) under control. You have to be ruthless to get there but my friends, take some good advice; cut out any cancers from your life, remove yourself from negative people and negative environs. Find the courage to do what you know you should.


Hogmanay this year represents my best feeling yet. It's a quiet one for me, having been away all day mixing family time and work and whilst I know that tragedy can happen any time and we can't control fate or destiny, it's important to recognise the good times when they occur and smell the coffee/roses/hashish, whatever your poison.


Have a fucking great 2015 people. If AFC get it right, this can be a good contributor too. Cheers.

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