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EE: Fans happy with Aberdeen FC manager

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By Charlie Allan


Published: 07/12/2011


FANS today rallied behind under-pressure Aberdeen FC boss Craig Brown.




There has been media speculation about Brown’s future after Aberdeen FC slipped to the bottom of the SPL.


But fans made it clear they have faith in Brown in our exclusive survey of Aberdeen FC.



.Performance of the management teamChances of improvement under Craig Brown
Very Good6%24%
Very poor1%1%


Its just a pity the survey was taken a month ago and taken this long to put this together........



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I wouldn't sack the guy.. yet. But I wouldn't say I'm rallying behind him. I (like most other Dons fans) just recognise that it's not going to make any fucking difference. If I thought for a second it would benefit the club to punt him I'd put him out on his arse. SM is the problem.

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He used to sit next to my mate in the south stand but now graces the main stand with his presance. Gave Chris Clark abuse at the east fife game and was told to pipe down Had the joy of talking to the cunny funt at dunfermline a couple weeknds ago. Told us the story of the photo and he had kids chasing him around cause it was halloween blah blah blah. The huy is a moron

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