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Milsom: it should have been red

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Aberdeen's Rob Milsom thinks Steven Naismith should have seen red for a high tackle prior to suffering knee ligament damage.


The Dons midfielder was caught by the Rangers forward in last Saturday's game at Pittodrie, but it was not until five minutes later that Naismith collapsed as his knee gave way as a result of the earlier challenge.


Naismith is now set to miss the remainder of the season, although Milsom was surprised that referee Willie Collum did not take action at the time.


Milsom has dismissed the notion that Naismith intended to cause any harm and he now hopes the 25-year-old returns to action as soon as possible.

High tackle


"It was quite a high tackle from Stevie and it should have been red," Milsom told the Daily Record.


"It was a sore one for me and there was quite a gash on my leg, but the medical team covered it up.


"I was lucky my standing foot wasn't planted on the floor otherwise I could have been seriously injured.


"But I know Naismith isn't a malicious player and he came off worse.


"I wouldn't wish that injury on anyone. I hope he's back playing as soon as possible and I wish him the best."



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Some (like myself) might say far too diplomatic, but I guess he is taking the view that Wee Naisy's suffering is going to be far greater than his.


Far too diplomatic and probably sensible, but thats not what I want to read ;)


"Wee Naisy" is a malicious hun bastard though.

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Don't think Milsom could have said anything else really.

with the exception of Roy Keane, not many players will go on record saying their glad a fellow pro is badly injured.


thinking about it, the non-red card may well have been worse for Naismith. If he did the damage in the first tackle, then going straight off then might have been less of a tear to the ligament. it's an excrutiatingly painful injury, so presumably it wasn't completely torn at that point for him to play on for a bit.

If ?Collum had done his job correctly, Naismith would have been in the dressing room getting his leg checked out, instead of trying to turn on an already damaged knee.

maybe a wee bit of karma there.

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