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Red Stars 1 Dumbarton Sons 0

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Red Stars lined up today against the league leaders and stared them down straight away.  The Reds started like a whirlwind... chasing everything, closing down and when the ball got to Strandman he skinned two defenders before being hacked to the ground 25 yards out. 


Ford and MacDonald had a discussion over it and captain MacDonald left the area to annoy the defensive wall.  Ford, who has been playing with an injury for two weeks (that's commitment, AFC players!) lined the ball up and stepped back.  He then cracked an unstoppable shot into the bottom corner.  Three Sons keepers wouldn't have stopped it!  Ford spun away to the acclaim of his team mates which is richly deserved considering his commitment to the cause over recent weeks. 


The game settled down after the goal and Red Stars were dominant.  MacDonald and Ford controlled the match, spraying passes out wide to Soutar and Brady who were pinning the Sons full backs into their own half.  A brilliant move involving the two central midfielders and the lively Strandman released Soutar down the left and a brilliant first touch set him up for a crack at goal but he clipped the top of the bar with a left foot strike.


The second half started with Sons coming at Red Stars and the impeccable Ross and Tucky at centre half dealt with everything chucked at them.  They were superbly assisted by Pincombe and Hagerty at full back who were playing their respective positions for the first time.  Red Stars were cool and assured and broke with speed.  MacDonald's delightful ball forward to Cathcart had the big centre forward spinning and sending Soutar free wide left. The Dons broke as Soutar beat one then two defenders, his cross looked perfect as Cathcart went for it but Sons cleared for a corner.


The Reds were comfortable, but just couldn't get the second goal; Cathcart, MacDonald and Strandman all had superb chances to put the game to bed but none could finish.  Sons knew they were lucky; they weren't in the game, they posed no threat to Ross, Tucky, Hagerty and Pincombe but they launched the ball into Red Stars area one last time. It bobbed around and came out wide.  Their right mid went past Pinky and the otherwise excellent full back chopped him down. Penalty to Sons.


Their entourage (Fucking loads of the clowns) went wild. They didn't deserve this. They weren't in the game.  Stott, our goalkeeper (best keeper in the league by a mile) made himself big on his line. Their lad ran forward... CRACK! Right off the bar!  Tucky followed it in and fouled their striker  ;).  Stott took the goal kick and that was it.


Red Stars are joint top of the league.  :ultras::AFC2: :AFC2:

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I can confirm that we are £33.59 in the black. We have a solid financial structure in place.


Everyone has their price Al...



I've still got a couple of good quality size 5 match balls from when I ran the boys football.

At a push, I could chuck in a case of cans as well  ???

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Red Stars lost 3-1 today to Airdrie United.  We've not had a game for three weeks due to water logged parks.


Good match today, Airdrie had most of the play in the first half, but we went in at 0-0 and made a couple of changes. We hit the post with a 30 yard effort and then their keeper pulled off a wonderful save and we had most of the play until they broke and scored.  They scored another within a minute but Red Stars rallied and Neil MacDonald hooked a volley into the roof of the net soon after. 


The game became rather bad tempered after a few poor challenges and reactions from their lot and Red stars had a lot of good play, until a 30 yard volley into the top corner from Airdrie won it. A goal fitting to win any game.


Airdrie are a good team and probably edged it today, but Red Stars are still right up there.  We have a free week next week but the lads can't wait to get going again. Some great football played in the second half which we'll look to take on to our next match.

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