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Aberdeen v Celtic in GLASGOW 7/8/11

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As the Red Stars thread at the top of the board has mentioned, the new Dons pub in Glasgow is The Rock on Hyndland Road in the West End.


I spoke to the owner today who has said he'd love to have Dons fans in his pub this Sunday and has agreed to open up at 12pm so we can all get our seats/positions before kick off. Obviously they can't sell alcohol before 12.30pm but I'm sure the Dons won't drive us to drink (or the need to) in the first 15 mins...


If you are in the area and want to see the game, please head along. it's always good having a crowd of Dandies together in Glasgow and this will also be helping Red Stars, the Dons Glasgow based football team. 


The Rock is a friendly pub, and while there will be a lot of 'tic fans there, we want to make the Rock a Dons pub when we're playing.  So please come along, we'll be delighted to see you.


Cheers, and Stand Free.

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Cheers manc. Yeah, put it up on Mad too. Hoping for a good turnout which could eventually mean more money for Red Stars as well as the obvious advantages of having "a home" for Dons fans in Glasgow.


Definitely, Hubbards used to get up to 100 so even if you get half of that you'd be doing well for the pub I'd say!  :thumbsup:


I think Hubbards only ever complaint was most left straight after the games, tight fisted aberdonian etc etc.... :D

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Just wanted to say thanks to all the Dons fans who turned up to The Rock yesterday; there were great numbers and I'd have loved to hear the roar in there had we had a goal to celebrate.


Hopefully it's the first of many times we get great numbers, it's good to have a home for the Dons fans in Glasgow and as an added bonus it helps Red Stars out too.


Thanks again ladies and gents.

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