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Stefan Gislason

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width=240 height=250http://www.afc.co.uk/javaImages/c8/fc/0,,10284~9436360,00.jpg[/img]


Craig Brown revealed to Steven on RedTV/Northsound that he tried to bring in a player this week. The manager was keen to sign Icelandic midfielder Stefán Gíslason. However the former Arsenal youngster was unable to join the Dons as he was not released from his contract from his previous club until after the transfer window closed. The manager did say that he might have a look again at the internationalist in the summer.


I'm fairly sure this guy was a very good prospect at one point. Capped 33 times for Iceland too apparently. I like the cut of Browns jib more and more every day.  :thumbsup:



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I expected to read that in the article and was surprised it wasn't? Thought once you were released that was it. Unless its a budgetary thing?


Have to be a free agent at the time of the window shutting to be able to move once its shut. Would assume this guy will get fixed up with a club in Scandinavia beofre we have a chance to look again in the summer.

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