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Sunday 23rd June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇭🇺 Hungary

kick-off 8pm

Aberdeen's best player - Rangers Management team

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I meant to put this on as a topic closer to the time but forgot:


The night before the Dons v Gers match (Last game of the season), I was in the bar in an Aberdeen hotel after a wedding.  The Rangers team were staying the night in the hotel and in the bar, at 00:30 were McCoist and McDowell (not drinking I'd like to add).  Anyway, we (me and three mates - all dandies) took on McCoist and McDowell at a Question of sport.  The conversation deviated from time to time and one of the questions was who they thought was our best player - Predictably Russell Anderson was the response.  Then McDowell says, "your second best player's not playing tomorrow".....puzzled for a second and my mind not quite 100% due my desire to prop up the bar all day.....I thought and I thought - Chris Clark!!

What do you guys think about that then? I'd have thought Seve any day but both McCoist and McDowell really rated Clark and were glad he wasn't playing.


Just for the record and after over an hour of questions back and forth, they had to get the last question right to win: Who scored fastest Champions league hatrick - and they couldn't get it - It was MIKE NEWELL. :thumbsup:


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Now that Russell's gone, then I guess he's our best player!?!

They definitely weren't drinking when we were there although they may have had a few before hand.  Infact, they were both a good laugh and did well to put up with everyone, especially when we kept questioning McCoist about how he backed into Miller to earn 'that' penalty!

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If Chris Clark is our best player ... we got some severe problems on our hands. Anyone see his game against the Huns a couple of season back? I'm talking about the 3-2 win over the huns at Pittodrie.


We're on the attack, Clark in possession. The entire team is flooding forward and finding good spaces. Who does he pass to? Nobody! He gently taps the ball out of play to give Rangers the throw!! WTF???!!


Sorry, but I just dinnae find Clark that inspiring, tbh. He's a good player. But there's no way in HELL he is our best. On his day, that accolade's got to go to Seve, surely! Closely followed by Derek Young.

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Trying to name our best player takes a bit of thinking - not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.


Could be good, as it shows we are a team with a degree of quality throughout, rather than a one-man band.


Could be bad, as it means none of our players regularly stand out as excellent individuals.


I imagine people from opposing football clubs, as opposed to fans, must hate Clark. He is quick, strong, determined - can't be a lot of fun to play against. I am still surprised by their view though. There are plenty of players with similar gifts.


There's maybe 4/5 potential candidates in my view: Hart, Severin, Nicholson, Smith (in terms of his innate  technique/ability - i know he's not been very productive for a long time) and Clark, if this is the view of his fellow professionals. Only one of which is a defender, which worries me.



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To go slightly off topic, I think Jamie Smith has been a massive let-down since his first 4 or 5 months at Aberdeen. That 1st season he was pretty much the driving force of anything creative, and I remember thinking he'd do even better when we had better players alongside him... Yes he's struggled with illness & injuries, but had it not been for that explosive initial impact I wouldn't be too upset if he moved on.


As far as Clark is concerned, he's a player I think does a solid- if unspectacular- job. Anderson was (by a country mile!) our best player for 2-3 seasons, but after him it was much of a muchness. Personally I'd opt for Severin (the midfield variety) as our current "best player", but happily we don't seem to rely upon 1 or 2 key players in my view & have decent depth in our squad

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Honestly I think there are 4 or 5 guys who can lay claim to being our "best player".  On any given daythey all have that right.


Severin, certainly gets the nod from me.  As do Hart, Maguire, Lovell & Nicholson on their day.


Clark IMHO, is definitely under-rated but still has days when he seems invisible on the pitch.  I'd like to see him break out this season and show that he is truly of the "this is our best player" stuff.

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