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Mackie to be converted to a midfielder?


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Mackie offered midfield chance at Aberdeen FC

McGhee’s praise for long-serving Don


By Sean Wallace


Published: 10/04/2010


ABERDEEN FC boss Mark McGhee today challenged Darren Mackie to seal a place in his long-term plans.


Mackie, Aberdeen FC’s longest-serving player, has played as a striker throughout his career.


But McGhee believes the 28-year-old is capable of carving out a new role for himself as a central midfielder.


Mackie played in a central midfield role for the first time in the 3-1 midweek defeat to Rangers.


The Aberdeen FC boss will have a cull of players in the summer, but McGhee revealed Mackie could have a future at Pittodrie – as a central midfielder.


He said: “If Darren proves he could also play in central midfield that could definitely add to his future at the club."


How did he play in midfield on Wednesday?

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Wide midfield i could understand, but central midfielder?? What the WTF?


The only thing i can think of is Mackies tendency to snap into challenges and harass opponents making McGhee think he could make a useful central midfielder. Personally I don't see it though.


And here begins the dwindling of the number for the cull.


Could well be right there manc!


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I am just the only person to remember that Mackie was a midfielder and then put into a strikers role unsuccessfully for 9 years?


He never played in midfield min.  When he broke into the team he was wide right of Ebbe's famed 4-3-3, with Winters on the left and Stavrum through the middle.

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