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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

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EE: McGhee to cull 13 players


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THIRTEEN Aberdeen FC players are facing the axe, the Evening Express can reveal today.


Manager Mark McGhee admitted he anticipates losing that many in a “natural cull†of his squad over the summer.


McGhee also revealed he has drawn up a list of 100 possible replacements for the players who do leave.


Read more: http://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/Article.aspx/1658915#ixzz0izwCfu1X




Anyone got an EE or able to pick out the faces from the thumbnail?


Top left - Aluko, Young?, Marshall?, ?, McDonald?


Right - Paterson, Mulgrew?, Duff, ?


left - ifil?, Grassi, ?, Mackie?

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Guest donindundonald

I for one welcome a cull, too many folk hanging around our club and not appearing to contribute much. It'll probably be best for the club and for the players in the long run.


Glad to see Tommy Wright has headed off in the first instance - hopefully many more like him to go.

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He's got to get rid of the deadweight that's been sitting around doing fuckall for too long. The only players I'd possibly keep would be Clangers, Diamond, Mulgrew (purely for set-pieces, nothing else), Young, Fyvie, Paton and Pawlett. Reel Maguire back in from his loan spell. Get rid of the rest.

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