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Hart and Smith in car crash

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Didn't listen to the story to hear what happened, but it doesn't surprise me. Egyptian drivers are mental. They don't seem to have much idea of the concept of lanes in a road, either use side lights or full beam at all times of night (regardless of traffic coming the other way), rarely indicate, overtake blindly, and announce their presence by using their horn as they're halfway past the vehicle they're passing. It's frightening. We were thinking about hiring a car when we were on holiday there earlier this month, but 2 trips on a bus frightened that idea out of our heads. One of the tour reps said Egyptians literally buy a licence, then learn as they go.


Glad Smith and Hart are unhurt.

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Guest At The Border Guy

In the paper this morning.  Hart saying the driver cut across 5 lanes while on his mobile, and straight into an oncoming minibus.  Both escaped with a couple of bruises though.

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