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McGhee: Maguire will retuen a better player


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Wednesday March 10,2010

By Scott Burns


MARK McGhee doesn't reckon Chris Maguire would have got anywhere near the young player of the month award if he had still been at Aberdeen.


The Dons manager has taken it in the neck for letting the Scotland under-21 striker, who has scored three goals in six games, join his former boss Jimmy Calderwood on-loan for the rest of the season at Kilmarnock.


McGhee insisted he only agreed to sanction the move because Maguire and his agent had been adamant the player wanted to go out on loan and he needed to free up wages to finance the deals for Steven MacLean and Jim Paterson.


"The move to Kilmarnock certainly seems to have boosted his confidence,’’McGhee admitted.He has done really well and hopefully he can keep it going for the rest of the season.


"Chris is now showing people what he can do and hopefully when he comes back to Aberdeen he can continue to show that in a red shirt next season.There is no questioning Chris's ability but for whatever reason he didn't look the same player before we let him go to Kilmarnock.


"His agent was also constantly on to Willie (Miller) before Christmas and then during the transfer telling us that Chris wanted to go out on loan here, there and everywhere. Initially we said no but that changed when there was a possibility on transfer deadline day that we could get Steven MacLean and Jim Paterson.


"We were able to use Lee Miller's wage but I also had to free up money from elsewhere to secure the deal and that was when I reluctantly agreed to let Chris go to Kilmarnock."


The Dons boss is adamant that there is very little chance of the 21-year-old leaving Pittodrie on a permanent basis adding : ‘’As I have said I rate Chris very highly and he is a player we have high hopes for."The better he does for Kilmarnock the better it is for Chris and Aberdeen."



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Guest rocket debris

Talking about Eto'o and Ronaldinho on the other thread - superior players to Maguire in my opinion - it appears that they might have one thing in common. Never met the lad and have no credible source but if, if it's true that Chris Maguire did have a bit of an attitude like he had "made it" and swaggered about the town of a Saturday night then in his own mind, he may have thought he was better than he was and held an unrealistically high notion of his own worth.


The Anelka syndrome is where a player is persuaded by his agents to be the mercenary in contract negotiations and this has often led to some unfulfilling of awesome potential. This needs the player to believe in his own hype right enough but Carlos Tevez is the latest in a line that simply has to keep on producing given the price he was touted at and the price he was sold at.


Nah, oor Chris is a poor example. He may indeed have an over-estimated value of his ability but nobody is going to be stupid enough to demand 3 or 4% per week of what the really top players earn. He is what he is. Que sera sera.

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How fucking easy is it to be a sports journalist these days


Ill cut the EE some slack since its a 'local rag' but the BBC is fucking appauling and its all because of stories like these.


Im sure I dont recall daily 'manager thinks win at weekend will give team 3 points', or 'Player hopes that he might win cup final one day' stories


Anyway has anyone really been giving Mcghee pelters because Dougal has scored a few goals since going on loan?

I dont recall him banging them in when he was here (even when calderwood was in charge) and call me unsupportive or cynical but I seriously doubt playing several games for Kilmarnock is going to turn him into Drogba or Rooney come summer. My money is on him ending up at Rugby park permanantly and in later years if he escapes the cull to the 3rd division, maybe he will become the new Jim Hamilton.



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Or maybe it'll be the wake-up call MMcG has needed?


Chris Maguire is a striker.

I've played him out wide, and he's scored fuck all.

He's gone to Killie, played up front, and has been scoring for fun.







Because he's playing for Kilmarnock?

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