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Primal Scream to play Screamadelica in its entirety


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To Mark the 20th anniversary of the release of their landmark album Screamadelica; Primal Scream have decided to treat their fans by performing the album live in full on November 27th at London’s Olympia.


Released in 1991; the Mercury Music Prize winning Screamadelica is regarded as one of the defining albums of the 1990s and the late Paul Cannell’s cover design has recently been selected by the Royal Mail as one of their ten classic rock stamps.


Some of the songs haven't been played live before and many haven’t seen the light of day for years so to help dust them off, they’ve expanded their lineup for the night with a gospel choir, brass section plus the one-off return of singer Denise Johnson.


Oh fuck yes!!!!


I'm so there, the greatest album of all time!  :thumbsup::wave:


EDIT: Ticket info: http://www.nme.com/news/primal-scream/49796

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I listened to Screamadelica today... it's been a while since I listened to it all from start to finish.  I'm not sure if it's just because I generally think of it as a summer album for me, but I don't think it's aged well.


Screamadelica is probably the album of theirs that I listen to least.  Ground breaking yes but like you said, best stuck on as background noise on a sunny day.


Looking forward to hearing it being played live though.

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Their three best albums (Vanishing Point, XTRMTR and Screamadelica) are all outstanding and I find it difficult to pick a favourite, but it's definitely between XTRMTR and Screamadelica.


Looking forward to seeing what they do with the likes of Come Together and Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts).  Should be an amazing concert.


Andrew Weatherall will be DJing.  All we need is The Orb announced and it'll be 1991 all over again!  :thumbsup:

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Andrew Weatherall will be DJing.  All we need is The Orb announced and it'll be 1991 all over again!  :thumbsup:




Tim Burgess said re "Some Friendly" Roundhouse gig:


Alex from The Orb is DJing the Roundhouse.....completing the circle. Alex DJed The Charlatans very first London Gig at the Powerhaus in islington 1990
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Tour in March, including SECC.




Screamadelica’s still an album which holds up incredibly well 20 years later. You’re going out to play the whole thing later this year, aren’t you?

Yeah, we’re doing two nights at the Olympia in London, then next March I think it is, we’ve got a tour. Playing the SECC in Glasgow and a few more, I think we’ve got about 11, 12 dates. But yeah, sold out two nights at the Olympia – 20,000 people. It’s great that 20,000 people want to hear a record we made 20 years ago. But it’s a great record so, you know, I’m cool with that.

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fuck the SECC

Saw them last time they played there (I think it was anyway) and it was gash.  Well they weren't gash, the tracks from XTRMTR were awesome but 75% of folk there only wanted to hear Loaded, Rocks and fecking Country Girl. Hate the SECC with a passion.

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Got Screamadelica going in the car just now, how the hell can you get angry at some wifie cutting you up when Come Together's going at full pelt!?  Doing wonders for my blood pressure!


Great choice of song  :thumbsup:


One thing though - but Screamadelica is so heavily "produced", that isn't performing it "live" a massive contradiction in terms?


Yeah its gonna be pretty interesting, especially the second half of the album - hardly any of which has ever been played live. 


I suspect they might play the original version of Come Together.

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March 2011

Mon 14th      LEEDS, O2 Academy

Tue 15th        BIRMINGHAM, O2 Academy

Wed 16th      NEWCASTLE, O2 Academy

Fri 18th            GLASGOW, SECC

Sat 19th          MANCHESTER, Apollo

Tue 22nd        BRIGHTON, Centre

Fri 25th            LONDON, O2 Brixton Academy


Tickets go on sale Friday October 1st.


£28.50 regional / £37.50 London


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