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Wednesday 6th December 2023, kick-off 7.45pm

Scottish Premiership -  Aberdeen v Kilmarnock

Stand Free!

Pick your XI for the run in...

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Vidal Diamond Severin Mulgrew


Smith McDonald Kerr Aluko


Miller Maguire



First time I've ever picked Maguire for a starting XI!


I'd go with that with one change, I might try this guy in place of Mulgrew to inject some pace and energy at FB:




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I guess what I was trying to say with my nose picking post that was deleted is that this is a totally futile exercise.

Unless of course Calderwood is going to read it and take heed. We all know that he only takes on board stoney's comments on idiotchat.


Not really...


I'm bored at work...



Fans usually discuss what they would do if it was up to them. You do know you weren't being constructive so I wouldn't be upset if your post gets deleted. God forbid.

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Doing this I see why Calderwood may want to play three at the back as I dont want to play Foster, Vidal or Mulgrew at the back  :-\


My thoughts exactly, I think Dave_min has the closest to the team that I want, but i'd rather we blooded a youth player at RB than Mair! Cos he ain't no right back!

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Isnt johnnie crawford thats been on the bench recently a right back?  I'd give him a go if he is, cant do any worse than vidal or foster.  Not so adverse to foster at LB as he's had some decent games there in the past, he's really stinking at RB though.  We keep hearing in the press that there are good youngsters coming through but they ever get a game.  Dont think bebo counts as he's been floating around the 1st team for 3 years

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