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Saturday 20th April 2024:  kick-off 12.30pm

Scottish Cup Semi-Final - Aberdeen v Celtic

🔴⚪️ Stand Free! ⚪🔴

Reasons to be cheerfull

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1.  Won 4 on the bounce and after a disapointing start the team looks to be finally firing on all cylinders.


2. Theres competition for pretty much all positions bar keeper but ironically this seems to have settled langfield as he's not made one massive fuck up this season to the best of my knowledge. 


3.  Mcdonald has settled and dare i say is making barry nicholson not missed


4.  Our defence is starting to look really stingy


5.  Players of great potential are starting to perform eg miller + JDV


6. JC seems to have toned down talking utter pish in the press, has stopped chopping and changing players all the time, is playing players in correct positions.


7.  Won 15 points from 15 at pittodrie.


All in afc are a pretty tight ship at the moment but you always must strive to do better so what now to improve?


Personally i still think we could do with another centre half, preferably with plenty of experience.  Trying and get jamie smith to play a few games on the trot without getting injured would be nice.  Would also like to see more of some of the kids coming through like paton and crawford. Oh and get the players with expiring deals worth keeping on new contracts





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All of these positives will mean nothing if the six players who are at the end of thier contracts naff off somewhere else.  The whole reason why we are doing better is because of the stability at the club just now.  When will the board realise that having so many players out of contract at one time is not only ludicrous but very damaging as well? :hammer:

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Yeah, its almost like a few seasons ago when we had Anderson at the back. We had one of the best defences in the league, and conceded nowhere near as many goals as our closest rivals. Our problem then was scoring, with too many draws as a result.


At the moment, we seem to be able to score goals from the front. midfield and from our defenders while keping things tight at the back. As long as this form continues, theres no reason we won't be in the hunt for 3rd at the end of the season.


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So here's my take on the current situation -


Things seem pretty positive and we're in a good situation at present. Are any of the 6 expiring contracts being linked to anyone? In the past Anderson, Hart, Clark, Nicholson etc were all first team players who pretty much played week in week out and consistently played pretty well, hence they were scouted and taken. Of the 6 only Seve is really a first team regular, maybe Mackie.


Of the six we can punt Jamie Smith because he's broken beyond repair and take the good money he's on to find a decent striker to partner Miller. JDV can stay or go, no big deal - he's played 3 good games on the bounce, but is that maybe 4/5 good games since he signed? Mackie will sign again as he's a don for life and is a decent squad player. Lee Mair can stay/go, no big loss and can be replaced. Derek Young can go, which leaves Seve. Of the six he's the only one I don't want to leave but is anyone interested? He's played at the back and in midfield and has maybe not been consistently staring to get the attention of clubs down south.


I'd love to see us speculate on a player or two now as we are in a more appealing situation. Maybe the club can take advantage of this as we are playing well with the window opening - Cowie, McCarthy, McArthur, maybe the Partick boy if he's decent may be realistic...... we've lost out on a few players in the past that I trully think we could have got with a little ambition (like Barry Robson for example) so hopefully Jan will bring a some fresh bodies to the club.

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