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Piss Take

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I've had it pretty much all morning.  I work with 2 x Huns and a Jambo and it's been a fkn nightmare.  The jambo can be silenced since his mob are even worse.  The 2 x Huns are really starting to make by blood boil though.


My office was decorated with newspaper cut outs and post it notes plastered everywhere with 4-3, Mon the Queens, No cup final for the Dons etc etc.  Very witty banter. :hammer:


That's the type of very witty banter I tend to use at every opportunity, and usually lasts much longer than a morning!


However, surprisingly, despite working with a Q of S player's relative, and various other's who have experienced my piss taking in the past my experience was like Jute's ... 


Getting it remarkably easy in here this morning especially given all the abuse I have dished out in the past to others. Actually the lack of slagging is worse than being slagged if that makes any sense.


Sadly makes total sense




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No joke, live in Orlando and one of the kids I coach tonight asked how my team lost to Queen Of Hearts at the weekend???? Did my best not to tell him to f**k off.


I dare say if we'd played the rotting corpse of Diana we'd still have lost. We'd have got good coverage from the Daily Express at least.

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Was out last night with about 10 mates most of them being Hearts ST holders, so did get a fair bit of abuse. However I could tell most of them to shut up as they have binned their ST's as they are in the bottom 6 and were out boozing rather than going to the game.


However as we were at a karaoke night they did keep handing in slips to the DJ for me to sing beautiful south songs dry.gif

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