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  1. Yep. Fucking awful. I'd argue that McRorie was the worst of the two. He's been poor since getting covid. After going 3-1 down, there was a moment Ferguson came deep to get the ball, McRorie came tanking deep alongside him instead of taking it up the pitch. I know the idea is that the wide players go forward, but at two down in 85 minutes you have to be intelligent enough to make better runs. He spent a lot of today hiding, whereas Ferguson was just pish at passing and crossing (and what the fuck is with putting him on free kicks and corners?). The game was lost when Hayes went off. We could, a
  2. Ferguson's had a great season. Offered a lot more. Been poor today. He's a very good midfielder that someone will pay cash for. Some honking defending though, really struggling with the pitch. Main was utterly gash but came into it in the last ten as if he'd been cattle prodded. Hayes and Kennedy actually playing on the correct sides has begun to turn it round, fuck knows why McInnes dicks about with the opposite (Kennedy allowed the cross for the second and Hayes left his man for Hoban incorrectly). No reason we can't go on and win it now and would accept the half hour of awful play.
  3. We don't own them though. Jack was always wanting a move, as was Shinnie. Both were worth having in their final year. Ultimately you can't force a player to choose one team over another, and nor should you. In Wright's case, he's either being very badly advised or the dons are forcing the issue (I expect the latter). Six months good performance in the dons team and he has a wealth of options on a free. There simply isn't the need to choose now. Use the Hun interest to drum up interest down South where they might not have been as aware of him. Then take the time to choose your best career path.
  4. Seems reasonable. You have to promise to put the saved cash into escrow and hand over to the club when Wright signs for Fleetwood town instead of the Huns though.
  5. I'm not sure you're really providing a cure there. The issue isn't with the twenty three year old loon, it's the adults running the club. That said, I don't think the Huns have acted incorrectly here, and you have provided zero evidence to suggest otherwise. Even if they had, we'd be extremely hypocritical to complain as it's an approach that we'd happily use ourselves. The notion that the Huns are predating all our players is ridiculous, they're a competitive fitba organisation, if the Huns weren't after our good players then someone else would be. I'm pretty certain you'll have been ad
  6. Looking forward to this one, think we'll give them a doing. Not sure about the lineup, expect McInnes will play the same one touted for the Livingston game which I think will be very stuffy with three in midfield. I'd go: --------------------Wright-------------------- Wright---Wright---Wright---Wright Wright---Wright---Wright---Wright --------------Main-----Wright------------- I think it would be a shame to drop Main given his blistering form.
  7. What was the lesson regarding Jack? That he played very well for us in his remaining games, especially the cup final? Given the money to be made from Europe next season, I doubt the boards of Aberdeen and Hibs will see third place as a write off.
  8. So would I, but we know he'd return here and sit on the bench when he could be getting 90 minutes every week. Because that's the other part of the Wright situation we're forgetting. McInnes had him sitting on our bench every week for at least six months when he should have been loaned out. Despite his injuries, we showed zero faith in his ability and made a total cunt of his development. Ross is better where he is, as McInnes will change shape rather than play him and he'll be about fourth choice here.
  9. We've already agreed a fee with the Hun for McRorie. We will be due a development fee for Wright, if he leaves in this window we'd expect a little bit more. Maybe £500k? There's no reason for the Hun to sign him in this window though, so they have the upper hand. A pre contract would put us in a very awkward position. Wright has not declared himself anything, he has not signed a contract with us. The Hun thing seems to stem from them wanting him and us trying to get him out in this window to maximise return. We seem to be the ones pushing the Hun angle, probably as it suits our situation
  10. Ethan Ross would be the ideal one, but he's getting a lot of good game time at Raith just now, the last thing we want is him being dragged back here to sit on our bench so that McInnes can play Campbell, Ferguson and McRorie and Main and Cosgrove up front. With McLennan back soon (I think), I'd prefer we went with what we have. Thing is though, there's a long game here for McInnes. If he accepts any cuts to his wage budget now, he'll have to maintain that. If he gets Stewart (or some other Hun) in to replace Wright then it maintains that wage structure.
  11. I get the impression that the club want Wright gone so they can either get a fee or not have to pay for McRorie. If that means having to take Stewart for six months they'll do it. Laziness would suggest that McInnes is getting an option too, I'm wondering if he's been told that he would get no budget for a replacement if Wright moved on and the swap deal is the only way he'll see another body in the door. A case of Stewart being better than nothing. I'd rather have nothing of course.
  12. Good stuff. Likes his hillwalking and the like I believe and loves Scotland. We should probably tell him to fuck off back to his own country because brexit.
  13. Show us your evidence. I have evidence that Hoban doesn't want to be here when his contract expires. Will he be relegated to the youths? I have evidence Hedges is looking to move on to a bigger club after the dons. Quarantine? I've heard Logan and McGinn might not be getting new contracts, they won't be interested either. I believe McRorie hopes to establish himself in the first team in order to get himself a move down South. I could go on. The idiocy of freezing players out because they're looking for a change in their lives is there for all to see. We'd constantly be playing half a tea
  14. Dyer acted like a child. If my kid was in the killie youth setup, I'd be telling them to get out of there before they risk being hung out to dry by that unprofessional little twat. He's the adult in the situation, you rise above it and treat human beings properly. Sure as fuck he can't complain the next time a player leaves, he's set the benchmark for how killie treat their staff. Wright has done nothing wrong, he's said he wants a move down south, the club publicised it, the Huns expressed an interest and the club publicised again. The club are trying to cash in during this window, they'
  15. Nonsense, the world has moved on since the days of 85 year contracts and treating players like property. It's a disgusting way to do business. These guys are human beings and employees. We're adults too, a club shouldn't act like kids when dealing with guys in their twenties. Almost every good player that we have will decide to leave at some point, and others we'll drop in seconds too if we decide they're not good enough. If we start getting arsey with players who decide their future isn't exactly as planned for by AFC supporters, then we'll never be able to sign anyone. As I said before, if W
  16. Yep, it would be bizarre. The only thing you could say is that if you are going to do something that risky, now is a good time to do it because if there were fans at the games he'd be getting a lot of stick. Also, our setup now is clearly more suited to his game than McInnes' insistence on playing him on the wing. It would be interesting to see if it would break Twitter too. The rage would be fairly special. McInnes would just get his "he feels he has unfinished business" speech out again, IT would just reinstate his account, so it would be quite an efficient signing.
  17. He hasn't had talks with the Huns. They have expressed an interest in him. One is within his control, the other not. Seems to me that the club are very keen for him to leave in this window and so are doing their business in public. It may even be the case that the player doesn't really want to go to the Hun but will be left with little option if further offers don't transpire and the club continues in this manner. The Huns don't need Wright this season and would be best served offering him a pre-contract, which would force our hand. At least they have taken the decent approach of contacting Mc
  18. Aye, goals Aberdeen were the same. I regularly played with the sides of the pitch piled high with snow. In fairness to the ref, he wanted to play the game, but with the ten minute delay there was no way we could play the game before the ten o'clock bookings were due to come on.
  19. Frustrating for the fans like. I travelled all the way to France to watch it on red TV, and they cancel it ten minutes after kick off. Poor.
  20. It's actually fairly exciting. Better than our last game against them. Postponed now like. Shame, tasty tackles were likely. The plastic surface working a treat.
  21. It would seem unlikely, a resignation would be more credible, but still unlikely. He is acting very un-McInnes in this window though by showing his hand early and clearly trying to move Wright on in January. He's either trying to play the board off against the fans, or Cormack has asked him to release info publicly to dry and drum up interest in some players to get other business done.
  22. Have you seen the Holiday Inn Westhill? I'd say it's in keeping with the area.
  23. I suspect it's paper/agent talk. Would be fairly grating to see another Aberdeen lad in their midfield, although he's better than that hagi fucker they've got. I expect we'll see plenty of other rumours floating around towards the end of the window. If we can get one of those weird deals that went down with McLean, that'd be ideal. Maybe a swap with McRorie?
  24. RicoS321


    Interesting. I don't think it seems unreasonable. I doubt many would want a middle of the night trip in cold, dark winter. I certainly don't think we should be relying on it. I'd have thought the major issue identified there was distance people were travelling. What I think will be more of an issue is that the government will have outsourced the work to some two-bit shitehouse, newly formed company who will make a cunt of it. The UK has an experienced team of flu shot givers who do these things every year and likely a significant bank of volunteers who have been involved in that in prior years
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