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  1. Corbyn suspended by the Labour Party following his reaction to the anti-semitism report.
  2. I think Wright has to start. We look a better team with him in it. Not convinced I would start Cosgrove as he will not be fully fit yet. Maybe better coming of bench as impact sub. I would replace him with Watkins in Rico’s team. I also full heartedly support Rico’s Granny at Centre Half instead of Taylor. Sadly some of the missing players from Sunday for Victims FC will be back this week so cannot see them being as bad. If Lennon was a vaguely competent manager the shoplifting serial shagger would start for them but he’s not so hopefully left on the bench until it’s too late. Object paying for Premier Sport but will probably cave in before Sunday. oot out in Park with bairn If I had will power out however....tv still in flat 1-2 Cosgrove with Dons goal.
  3. Jute

    Dundee United

    Had also heard that McNulty had been signed on basis they thought they would sell Shankland. No idea on the wages on the deal but they were haemorrhaging money in Championship so very possible paying decent wages. They would need too to get anyone to put on that hideous tangerine shirt.
  4. Jute


    They voted for Trump......
  5. Jute

    Dundee United

    Arabs having to look for pay cuts or wage deferrals from staff as they have not planned on no fans beyond October. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54727478
  6. Barcelona board resign ahead of a vote of no confidence. Jumping before pushed. Messi gets what I suspect his request to leave was all about. Don’t think Koeman will see the season out as he was current boards choice. Can see it being an interesting few months in Catalonia. https://www.espn.co.uk/football/barcelona/story/4219004/barcelona-president-bartomeu-and-executive-board-resign
  7. U21 squad for upcoming games home to Croatia and away to Greece.
  8. I thought he looked rusty and should have scored when McLennan was brought down for second penalty. I would think that if Edmundson is fit he should get the start.
  9. Wife said that about Wright as well Rico. If McGregor had got a second yellow, and he should have, he would have been suspended for next league game. Would need to have been a straight red for violent conduct to miss next cup game.
  10. Was just coming on to say Wright has to start next week but beaten to it. Ferguson now leagues top scorer. Wonder if Popcorn Teeth will still be manager of Victim FC next week.
  11. Was Watkins injured when he went off as otherwise that change should have been delayed but now we can’t make a change. As for the goal “Scott Taylor” still looking for ball in opposite direction.
  12. Stop trying to kid folk. We all know you love doing the huddle.
  13. Venlo weren’t even bottom. Had won 1 drew 2 in first 5 games prior to today.
  14. Don’t think players wanted him so not overly convinced they are playing for him. They haven’t really replaced Suarez who scored again for Atletico again tonight.
  15. 1-1 at half time in El Classico. Sign of the strange times we are living in that a game as big as this kicks of at 3pm.
  16. Anderson, Ross, Mackenzie and Barron all start for loan clubs today.
  17. We should be looking to press this mob from the off. Last thing we should be doing is standing off them and giving them possession to build confidence. Thing is standing off sitting deep is what I expect McInnes have us do. oot out on bike if not pissing down TV flat 2-0 no dons scorer.
  18. Both looked comfortable in the game. Only way we will see Virtanen in first team at Dons is if we move a number of the current first team players on. Think Ruth on the wing was more a way of getting him involved rather than where he normally plays.
  19. Ruth and Virtanen both playing for Arbroath tonight.
  20. Sad news. Met Ebbe a few times and always came across as nice like able guy. Maybe why he got away with as many god awful performances from his teams. RIP Ebbe.
  21. I did wonder if this was maybe a favour to an agent as seems odd to be brining in yet another central midfield player. Nothing to lose by giving lad look over I suppose.
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