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UEFA Euro 2020 - Croatia v Scotland

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  1. I’m not sure that waiving a player is exactly the same as freeing them? Clubs have 48 hours to claim a waived player, then he becomes available to any MLS club but I don’t know if that’s the same as being available free to any club in the world. Either way, they clearly don’t want him so maybe if he isn’t picked up on a waiver they’re allowed to loan him out or something?
  2. And that is Milne’s appalling legacy: when the chance was there to change the rules he sided with Celtic and the ball was burst.
  3. As things stand we’ve zero strikers, so I don’t any need to panic about signing JET. until we see the rest of the forwards we won’t know if he’s meant to be the best of them or a backup option.
  4. Gallagher pre-contract confirmed. Two year deal.
  5. Fuck sake, last kick of the ball!!!
  6. The goal is worth seeing but that’s probably about it.
  7. Good interview with the big guy despite Paul Slane... A bit Scotland-centric but Consi comes across really well.
  8. Hedges. Closest thing to a footballer we’ve had all season. Honorable mention for Hoban but it should take something special for defenders to win player of the year and no Dons have been special this year.
  9. Genuinely the worst thing about this whole affair is the “aberdeen way” that cormack has invented for the purposes of today’s press release
  10. Gallagher's contract initially ran until the end of January, the extension was until the end of the season. He'd be a very good signing for us, especially on a free.
  11. When your striking options are Griffiths (unfit, not playing), McBurnie (shite), Dykes (might be shite, dropped by QPR, doesn't score goals), Shankland (average Scottish Premiership striker), Nisbet (see Shankland), then I think desperation isn't a surprise.
  12. There's a massive Brexity hole in the middle of your foreign proposal...
  13. https://planetradio.co.uk/northsound/local/news/aberdeen-fan-listed-for-managers-job/ And the real Ross Nicholson's wiki I linked to earlier has been restored
  14. If there's any truth to that whatsoever - and given where it's been published that certainly isn't guaranteed - then you'd think an announcement would have to be happening reasonably soon. I'd quite like an American manager. Their successful sports people have a very positive attitude and if we're going down the Atlanta tie-in route then why not go the whole hog?
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