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  1. Another Nations League in the B section won't do us any harm. As said above, playing Spain, France, Italy etc won't do us any good yet, the team's still got a lot of learning to do. We should manage a decent WQ qualification campaign, although qualifying will definitely be tough, and then, if I'm right, the next Nations League could lead us to Euro 2024 so probably better being in League B for that anyway.
  2. Aye, I meant McGhee. Not for his failure as manager but for the allegations about fans spitting on him. Regardless, he should always be a club legend for the part he played in 1983 and the surrounding years. I've never quite got the aggression against Strachan, what a player he was. Top 3 ever? Miller, , McLeish, Leighton.
  3. Everyone from the Gothenburg team is a legend, I don't see how that can be questioned. Even if a couple of them - one in particular - have had a go at tarnishing that reputation.
  4. Hewitt’s got to be in there. Scored the biggest goal in our history and made a decent contribution to plenty other successes.
  5. An enigmatic man who had a very enigmatic team and some really enigmatic performances! Fondly remembered on the whole I'd say, RIP Ebbe. When you look at the lineups in the original post, if that Dons team can beat that Celtic team then there's no reason we can't beat them twice in a week now. Ebbe would lose Sunday's game 42-0 and beat them 7-6 next week, before getting scudded off one of the Edinburgh teams in the final.
  6. The Tims have been shite for a game and half trying to play 3 at the back but when they went to 4-5-1 in the second half they were better. Bet they don't play three at the back on Saturday.
  7. This boy Burt intrigues me. 3 appearances for the Huns but released a couple of years ago and snapped up by the Tims, which suggests he must have something about him. But to be released again after a year means there's potentially something wrong as well, attitude maybe?
  8. In an article full of revolting and shocking events, the threats and other abuse aimed at Andy Gray's sister and mother from (presumably) Celtic fans is almost as disturbing as anything else.
  9. Great performance by the big man tonight. Also good to see a more solid and identifiable shape starting to emerge over the last couple of games.
  10. 3 products of our maligned youth system involved tonight, plus McLean, shankland and mccrorie. Not bad. Come to think of it, was O’Donnell one of “ours” as a boy too?
  11. Fucking love big Andy getting a cap tonight. Tremendous
  12. Look at the teams in the group stages this year. So many of them have been in the Champions League recently and probably will be again. With UEFA nearing the completion of their project to make Europa the Champions League B then we'll soon be back with the other diddies in the third tier where they want us and where we'll have a much better shot at the group stages. For whatever that's actually worth.
  13. Dundalk and all the other "diddies" who get near the group stages all benefit from being Champions League dropouts and don't face nearly the standard of team who put us out so it's unrealistic to compare their situation to ours, far less being embarrassed about it.
  14. If the expectation is that Ferguson will leave eventually - maybe next summer - and Campbell or Magennis from St Mirren are identified as potential replacements, then there's certainly a degree of logic to trying to get them signed up before anyone else does. In isolation, both of those would seem to be great signings but pre-contracts for next summer would make more sense than actually signing them now.
  15. Unless it’s back to 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 lewis mccrorie mckenna Hoban consi hedges mcgeouch Fergie hayes wright Watkins
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