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  1. Sadly, every penny counts for AFC.
  2. I was meaning more that we'd have money we could play with in terms of wages. Whilst Foster is still under contract with AFC we can't really offer his wages to anyone else for for any longer than his loan deal with Rangers. If he were to be permanently removed from the wage bill then we can look longer term. On the point of whether we can get any money for him. Rangers may not have anything to spend, but you may be underestimating the naivety of English league clubs when it comes to Old Firm players.
  3. Davidson until the end of the season when we can either get Foster back, or ship Foster out and have a bit of cash to spend on a longer term solution. Seems fine to me.
  4. Mackie's needs to iron out the creases in his game if he wants a new contract. The lads not gonna be looking for a wedge, just enough to put tee on the table.
  5. "I'm a lot like my dad...did I mention I know Jaap Stam and Sami Hyppia"
  6. The difference between us and Hibs is they get everyone tied up on decent contracts. They've had damn near 10million in transfers in recent years....but they had everyone they sold tied up on 5 year deals. When was the last time an Aberdeen player had a 5 year contract?
  7. I thought Peterhead were going full-time this year?
  8. I think Hibs are really starting to highlight why we need to really start investing in our youth setup and scouting at Pittodrie. No more of these excuses about the Bosman ruling meaning we can't make profit from producing talented youngsters anymore. In the last few seasons Hibs have sold: Thomson 2million Brown 4.5million O'Connor 1.6million Turned down (either by club or player): Sproule 1million Riordan 500k That's 8.1million they have raked in and moving nearer 10million had they punted Sproule and Riordan. This is only gonna go even higher in the summer when they lose Whittaker. Sure they have indeed lost a few decent players on Bosman rulings in the case of Riordan, Murray and Caldwell, but hey, does anybody see the resemblence in the 10million figure they are close to taking in as transfer fees and the amount of debt we have? I would quite happily become a selling club for a few years if it eradicated our debt and the club started producing the sort of youngsters we used to be famous for even when we were shite a la Booth, Jess etc.
  9. We're going to accept 450k for one of our best players from a club that's willing to shell out ten times that for Scott Brown? Celtic can get on their bike. Wouldn't accept less than 1mil for Hart, and that's being generous to them. Although you can be sure he'd get a lot nearer to the Scotland squad at Celtic than he does at the minute.
  10. Would take Stevie Hammell and Eddie Lewis in a shot. To be honest if a club asks for 30k it's unlikely we're gonna get them, that and the wages most of these players will be on. I'm still holding out hope that Stewarty Milne will up the budget for a couple of quality signings for playing in the Uefa Cup next season though.
  11. Is there any noise on where in the US he is planning on going. For some reason I have doubts on whether an MLS club would take him straight off - more likely he'd be at one of the smaller teams with an MLS club holding his rights incase he's a hit or something.
  12. Nicholson can hardly deny he did it though. Just cause Hearts cheated to get Kingston to play in a crucial match, two wrongs don't make a right. We can take the moral high ground and still be in Europe though
  13. NPRC

    Speed increase?

    Uni internet access has been on the blink the last couple of days with power cuts cause servers to go down etc. so not been able to check the speed. I assume it's probably flying though.
  14. Cease and desist orders can be sent but effectively they cannot be enforced. Websites at the minute like PeekVid and Alluc are exploiting a loophole that since they are not infact hosting illegal files on their websites and only linking to them they are not breaking the law. As much as this can be seen as aiding piracy you cannot get pulled up for it at the minute and it's gonna take a while till laws are changed.
  15. NPRC

    Speed increase?

    I'm unsure - speed was never a problem for me at home but was slow at uni. I'll check tomorrow what it's like and put a post up.
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