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  1. Thought Al had done one for this season, but turns out it was for the last. First up, Ethan Ross. seems to be getting rave reviews at Raith. Fingers crossed he's given the chance to make the step up into the first team. Like the other two we have out on loan, his contract ends in May 2021 though.
  2. Think Tom's signature sums it up nicely. It moulds us into who we are Seebass
  3. Likeable guy, for a Liverpool manager. Genuinely sad to hear this.
  4. Yep, just saw that too. I'm guessing it came from a director with links to Atlanta...
  5. Seems to be a fair amount of chatter on twitter re: Hernandez being sold in Jan. This wouldn't surprise me in the slightest, but still, haven't seen where it's come from and will be one of the weirdest transfers our club will ever see. I'm guessing it was hinted at rather than spelt out at the AGM?
  6. Granted, only the huns mk2 have done well and qualified, I was merely coming from the angle I want them both to lose all fixtures, at all times. So a win for the dhims still qualifies.
  7. Disgusting to see both cheeks doing well in Europe. I can only be grateful that I'm not in the UK having to listen to the puke fest on TV.
  8. Given how we've been lately, genuinely have no idea how this is going to play out. County aren't on great form (despite beating the dhims in the cup) so in theory, given we should have out preferred midfield, we should have enough to get a result. Currently closer to them than the huns, which is a bit embarrassing in itself. Devlin being injured doesn't really change much, he's a waste of space and needs booted out the door. Does mean Ash cements his place a bit more, which isn't ideal, but I wonder if we also see Ronald get another chance? Really hope Cosgrove starts to show some inter
  9. Just need to say see you later to him. He's pointless.
  10. How about the manager too? Shagged someone called India (allegedly), close enough to being foreign, right?
  11. As good a draw as we could have hoped for. Two favourites in Denmark and Austria, but nothing overly to fear from the others (apart from our own arse collapse). Fucking Israel though, how many fucking times?!?
  12. Wherever he goes, I hope he's sold sooner rather than later. We are a better team without him (and Main obviously) and he's look very uninterested.
  13. I hope Cormack has some fucking harsh words planned with the management team. Any of the last three matches alone should have resulted in them already. Wholly unacceptable. cruising at 1-0, this is what’s wrong with him. We should t be cruising. We should be turning the screw and going for the jugular.
  14. Ffs, what truly awful turn of form. It certainly doesn’t help not having some of the creative players out, but that team should be more than capable of putting a few past st. Mirren. We will finish fourth at this rate. Which, given the state of two of the teams above us, is unacceptable.
  15. manc_don


    So what's the deal with the vaccine's. I've sort of stopped following the news as it was getting me down a fair bit (weather was horrific, even by Wellington standards in November). I presume it'll be a phased roll out? Not been much press coverage here about what happens when the vaccine becomes available and whether our borders will open it to those who have had it. I'm guessing you'd still be a potential carrier of the virus?
  16. manc_don


    Not a bad view that, Jute! Any more forecast for the weekend?
  17. Well have done pretty well out of Covid!
  18. Think this'll be a classic McInnes ground out victory post disaster week. Saints don't play bad football but given we have a few more players returning, I cannot see a repeat of the previous weekends farce. We should have Fergie and McLennan back? Not sure about McRorie given he was the one that tested positive? Anyway, nothing shy of a victory will be acceptable, i'd really hope that Cormack will knock a few coaching staff heads together. The last week has not been acceptable on any level. Out Bed Bed Bed 2-1 Dons, Hedges and Fergie( in fergie time)
  19. Always had that in his repertoire. Shame really as he really doesn't need to. Talented player in his own right.
  20. I think the way McInnes utilises a team doesn't lend itself to having a big squad. He has always over reliant on certain players that the rest are ever rarely tried and tested. The last week is a complete rarity and I agree we shouldn't build with this in mind, however, what it also shows is that the wider signing policy if fucking dog shit. That stops with him. And I mean, those outside his normal chosen team. The first XI is strong, no doubts about that, but you have to question why some of the others were signed if that's the level of their output (not that we didn't know that already).
  21. That was truly abysmal. Not one positive to take from that second half. What the hell do they do in training that makes them incapable of completing a 5 yard pass??? Woeful.
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