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  1. I see Ojo is being linked with Wigan athletic. So long, I’d say thanks for your service, but you’ve been pish.
  2. Full article now included on my original post
  3. Heard about this earlier in the day. Please afc , be open to it. It might be one of the few things the council do right. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/council-aberdeen-fc-dons-stadium-hotel/ edit: not sure how I’ve managed to read it. Was a pain in the arse copying and pasting but full article (not including images as it freaked out on my phone) is below: Council bosses are in talks with Aberdeen FC in a bid to make them abandon plans for a new stadium at Kingsford and instead relocate to the site of a former city hotel at the beach, the Evening Express c
  4. This a record McInnes is trying to beat?
  5. Tims one down at the macaroni.
  6. This was more my point. Regardless of us finishing 2nd that season, it was a shite watch and I lost a lot of respect for McInnes with the way he conducted himself and "managed" the team around those two games. Had nothing to do with it being them, it just lacked professionalism. Things in my eyes, just started to deteriorate from that season. Essentially, when I left the UK to come here (sorry) But Milne made him an offer that was too hard to resist, maybe comfort set in then? Not sure what it was. As I've stated either in this thread or another, I would much prefer him to leave us on good
  7. I see Cosgrove is being linked with Stoke again (according to the Hun). I haven't read the article because of the paper, but I would love that to happen. We're shite up front anyway and he's regressed to what he was like when he arrived. Any money will be good money for him.
  8. Not a fixture we've done well in of late (lost the last two games at Pittodrie) and Motherwell are towards the bottom of the league, so fully expect us to lose this one, either 1 or 3-0 which seems to be a feature of a few of previous results. Our striking issues are there for all to see and the team appears to be a complete mess at the moment. Alluding to Rico's point in the other thread, DM doesn't appear to know what to do with the fringe players and they're not positively contributing to the team's performance. We do also need a few of the other "veterans" to step up and hope our defence
  9. Messi sent off for the first time (for Barcelona) tonight:
  10. The bit in bold is true but has been a hallmark of this season, or rather, not achieving that. Teams we used to be beating we either now draw or lose to. Especially the lower teams. It has to happen in the summer (ignoring the point I think it should have happened three years ago), but I think the board will have to suck it up as I don't think results are going to be great between now and then. Five months is a long time and if we're looking likely to miss out on Europe, I'd be interested to see how that plays out. We've got the squad we've got now so he really needs to show what he can d
  11. hmm, points are looking a bit optimistic at the moment! Tom looks closest.
  12. Almost like he's playing for the sack
  13. Seasons gone by, i'd be looking forward to playing bottom of the table in the knowledge that it would most likely be 3 points. This season however, that has gone out the window. They're shite, changed managers, despite that, they nearly scored shree goals against hibs. I'd hate to be the team that provided them with that. Really hope that DM doesn't persist with this Main and Cosgrove shite. It doesn't work, it's never worked and never will work. Get one of them some proper service and see what happens. I'm sure Wright will continue to play (much to TUP's ire) and hopefully puts in a
  14. Boca were a massive let down. Completely lacklustre performance. But credit to Santos, they played some great football and tore them a new one. Don't think Boca had a shot on target? Final is on 30th at the home of South American football*, the Maracana. Should be a cracker. *unless you're from any other South American country
  15. Sakes, I'd even gotten up early for it. Work it is then.
  16. Crikey the apathy really is strong with everyone, eh? I have seen a few on Twitter hoping we lose every game until he's gone. It feels like it's coming to a conclusion of sorts, however I still want us to win every game. Hoping to catch this tomorrow (your today) but PPV has sometimes made it difficult to find a decent stream (unless it's been Hamilton).
  17. As a consequence of the right wing's frothing and satsuma features failed coup, Twitter has removed loads of fuckwits' (trump included) accounts Obviously some rabid folk were complaining this is an attack on freedom of speech, but the shite these accounts were spouting went well beyond. So, fuck 'em.
  18. What a weird turn of events. Doubt anyone would have predicted they'd get anywhere near top of the league at any point this season
  19. This, this is really nice. Opportunity missed imo (if it ever happens): https://www.dezeen.com/2020/12/24/stade-de-la-tuiliere-stadium-lausanne-mlzd-sollberger-bogli/?fbclid=IwAR3pjOGqmNK_NE6vLpTFCtsynAp0NGzdmQHkPNFQPijjtlNZaZhil415Hxg
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