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  1. Fatman boyd was evening claiming that the pitch was the reason why the guy got injured. It was sticky...
  2. Quite "liked" if that's the right word, his latest post. Hits the nail on the head really and is exactly what a lot of us are thinking.
  3. Nothing other than a must win game can be used to describe this. Our form is atrocious, hibs are, well Hibs, so who knows what the result will be. Likely a draw at best, at worst a loss. Can't see us winning there unless our new signings somehow manage to gel instantly. I know we're trying to get Kamberi's paperwork sorted in time for this. We need to win this to keep Livi (sigh) at bay, as they're now only 5 points behind us and given our tendency to draw, they'll close that gap fairly rapidly. Hoping that Lewis' apparent massive drop in form is temporary, is the captaincy too much pressu
  4. I think that's the most important thing. We don't trust him, it would appear the board don't trust him either (hence purse strings firmly closed this Jan). We're a mess at the moment, at a time when we should be capitalising on other teams weaknesses. It's frustrating as fuck.
  5. Has he lost the dressing room? Didn't seem like they were playing for him, let alone with any intensity.
  6. I won't be grateful to them as we'll do fuck all in our qualification attempts. It's almost making our lives a misery by lowering the bar even further. I hate to say it, but Scottish teams are embarrassing in Europe, every single season. Think we need some fundamental changes in the league and mentality before teams (ignoring the two cheeks) will become competitive. We'll be lucky to make fourth at this rate.
  7. Gonna be awkward when he gets sacked in the morning and the three newbies will be wondering WTF (I know he's not getting the sack).
  8. Not surprised it’s been taken down, but the manager was moaning about not getting any penalties, and how they’d have to be raped or some such to get one
  9. From the Indian Super League...Stuart Baxter:
  10. So young, was he sick already?
  11. Mains contract cancelled: https://www.afc.co.uk/2021/02/01/curtis-main-departs-the-dons/
  12. So it appears he steams straight into the match day squad and is not out of action in the sidings?!? Wonder what his fitness levels are
  13. Has Kamberi been unveiled or still all speculation?
  14. Not like he played with much intensity, did he? Anyway, thanks for the money Cosgrove. You were decent enough for a while, but we've made our money. Cya!
  15. That's a bit too close to the truth
  16. Hopefully this won't be another shitfest and it's a shame that we won't see the Flying Scotsman get a run up top and get us back on track. Not sure where the goals are going to come from so expect another goalless draw. Out Bed Bed Work 0-0
  17. I do recall something being mentioned at the time but can’t find anything concrete? Even if it was 75% we’d have made a decent return on our investment.
  18. It’s what has been rumoured, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Believe it’s deal worth up to (I.e with add ons etc). Here’s hoping!
  19. First of our double header against livi. We all know livi are getting better results than us at the moment . They’re scoring regularly and have had two decent results against the dhims recently. Not having a proper goal scorer is killing our season, and with rumours abound, who knows if sam or Wright will still be with us come weeks end. Hoping we start to see a few more of the youth being played, and subs need to start being used earlier (not holding me breath). I imagine we’ll try to park the bus and stifle them and hope for a productive counter attack. Out bed bed bed
  20. Would like to see Hoban return next season. Have a feeling it’ll very much be manager dependent though.
  21. Out in martinborough this week. Had hoped to get a few bike rides in but lack of sleep has put an end to that. Managed a 50km loop yesterday though. Think it was already about 25 degrees by 10am. The area is famous for its wine, although most of the bike ride is through farmland.
  22. Tried setting this up yesterday but wifi where we are is patchy at best and didn’t go through . This won’t be a straight forward one, they haven’t lost since they lost to us around the same time in December and obviously got a great result again Hibs. Agree with your score prediction, can’t see there being a winner. out bed id like to say bed but twins are not sleeping breakfast shift 1-1, hedges
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