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  1. vipbox.tv got recommended to me by a workmate a few weeks ago. Must admit, there aint much I've not been able to find on it sporting-wise
  2. Did I imagine this, or did Scotland beat England in the final game at the old Wembley Stadium? I'm sure I remember Billy Dodds scoring. But it appears to have been completely wiped from the record-books (okay, I can't find it on Google!)
  3. I would laugh at the hibs result, but it screams so loudly of Aberdeen vs Sigma Olomuc. I ain't throwing any stones in our glass house quite yet. We've got a lot of promise for this season ... but am nervous about getting too excited!
  4. n/oot: in Pre match: rum at hame Match: whichever format of match coverage i can find in middle earth Post match: kip Prediction: 2-0 Dons McGinn (is there really gonna be anyone else for us this season??!)
  5. He said: “I’m not retiring now. I still feel young and I’ve plenty to offer.” He needs to sign for Motherwell or St Johnstone first before we'll try and poach him.
  6. This pic got sent to me the day after Wales beat England. Still makes me laugh whenever I see it. Jonathan "numbers" Davies enjoying the moment to the fullest in the company of his guff colleagues:
  7. From what I've seen of Adams, I like him. He loves winds up huns like Butcher (tick one box), he's not afraid to haul a player off the park when they are playing shite (tick another box), he's a young and very hungry coach (tick another couple of boxes).
  8. Deserves a new contract, IMHO. He's nae the fastest ... infact, he's in the running for the slowest thing on two legs. But he's got guts, determination, skill and vision, and chips in with the odd goal now and then.
  9. Skysports have quoted Broon saying he's not looking at any more midfielders as he's got Milsom, Ozzie, Rae and Hughes back in contention, and Jack nearing full fitness too. It also has a quote saying he's definitely nae ruling out moving for a striker. Doesn't say if he'll move for said striker in this transfer window or the summer one. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11789/8427989
  10. Please no, not McGhee. I'll only be happy if he finally gets the Celtic job he craves
  11. Reekie_Red


    Possibly a cookies issue. Get her to delete temporary internet files, then restart her browser and try again
  12. Aye, I watched The Hobbit the other night too. Took waaaaaaaay too long to get going. But once it did, it was quite enjoyable. Much more light-hearted than the quite ominous and depressingly dark LOTR trilogy. Not sure of the continuity issue that Kow speaks of. Fellowship of the Ring mentions Bilbo stumbling across the ring in Gollums cave. This is where he finds it in The Hobbit too, albeit a bit more drawn out than the Fellowship Of The Ring suggests. Although the drawn-out version was, for me, the highlight of The Hobbit movie ... I loved the riddles competition that Bilbo and Gollum c
  13. Aye, utter fuckwits who have shit for brains, but know where the back of the net is!
  14. I hate the split. A season should gauge a club's performance over the space of an entire season. The split means those teams who peak late in the season may be stuck in the lower divisions despite having more points than teams in the upper divisions. I've always hated the SPL split. This double split will just be even more shite. The best leagues in world don't split. Why should we?
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