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  1. Hedges has the same attitude as Hayes, he'd keep attacking even if he was the only Dons player on the pitch. Good to see.
  2. That makes it eight of the 1st team unavailable - Hayes, Wright, Ferguson, McCrorie, McGeough, McLennan, McGinn, Watkins. A lot of key players there, not optimistic about this one.
  3. BBC Sport now saying its all three unavailable https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55028971
  4. Happy with Leigh, anything that gives Hayes more freedom to roam is good in my eyes. January is an odd one though
  5. Aye quite probably mind you, seemed quite reasonable based on my own failing capacity for memory, I've already forgotten the Motherwell scoreline
  6. Poor loon, only sold 12 days ago and already forgotten
  7. Only one name on that list is giving me the Fear
  8. Good, even just the last two words of that sentence gives me more hope
  9. I think I'd rather just play with 10 men for the rest of the season.
  10. I'm going to have a drink every time i hear "taylor gives away the (free kick/penalty/goal)", and expect to be paralytic by half time.
  11. This is a fucking horror show - McKenna gone has trashed the cohesion of our defence, 2 goals down, now Hayes looks like he's picked up an injury. And we are only 15 minutes in.
  12. BBC Radio have just said the same, not in today's team, sounds a done deal.
  13. Hibs and Sevco draw 2-2. Ideal outcome for us.
  14. Does this mean DT will finally be mobile-friendly?
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