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  1. Aye,best not to over dwell on it and hope we can get good replacement for McKenna quickly,so we dont have to over rely on Talyor
  2. Happy to throw it away after that shite Thing with Taylor is,he hasnt been that bad since he came back. As long as he's had someone solid beside him. After that performance though,going to be hard to trust him again. Motherwells intensity also caught us a bit off guard,and McInnes should have learned from midweek that McRorie needs to be kept in midfield,though it was maybe the thought of Ash at the back that swayed his decision to bolster defence. Just when things were looking good......
  3. 3 nil down and having to listen to Billy Dodds......
  4. Well deservedly ahead.Sounds like theyve come out the traps/exploited the unsettled line up. Need to settle down and get into this...
  5. Could still be a 3-4-2-1 ? Trying to login to Red TV for the first time,with the exact details they gave me.Only asked me for username and password but saying credentials invalid. Using google Chrome.Any clues anyone,is it cos its not live yet?
  6. No update on Kennedy I can see.Not going to read too much into 'Wells midweek trip,but going by their early season form,got to be a win for the Dons. 3 - 1 Dons Wright hat trick
  7. Agreed. Cant find the extent of his injury.Hopefully back this weekend
  8. were by FAR the greatest team..... well....this side of Codonas. COYR
  9. Another goal please.No game management please,and what LA said ^^
  10. Aye he's(Ferry) a bit of a simpleton,but enjoyed a number of his shows, eg Deano,Craig Brown. Away for a listen..
  11. Ach well,bought a ST today thinking I'd get the game on Red TV.hopefully find a stream though. Wouldnt have bought it if performances had continued like the first game of the season,...and let them know that at the ticket office.. Season of silky football beckons... Looks like Viking are down to their third choice keeper for this one https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/sport/viking-fk-hit-by-keeper-injury-crisis-ahead-of-euro-clash-with-aberdeen/?utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR20WAsPF8zgCyLfFUG006jNX24m62brLcivNlWXqZxMZo1RSk6nOcJAivU
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