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Next Match:  Scottish League Cup: St Mirren v Aberdeen

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  1. Pennsylvania hearings with witnesses for anyone interested
  2. How much leeway dyou give having that amount of players out? despite the size of squad,the standard drops pretty quick one or 2 players in.Still should have had enough to win though
  3. Might have been better being as depleted as we were,but worth persevering with,if all the top players are fit.....and to avoid going back to the eye bleeding football of last year
  4. well,he always caught the eye at St J IMO
  5. I was chuffed when he signed,but often looks off the pace.hopefully a case of johnny Hayes syndrome,best to come
  6. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/68988/Hamilton_vs_Aberdeen.html
  7. Defeat not unexpected,could have done without one that margin like. Need a solid replacement for McKenna,but doesnt sound like weve got the funds according to the last club email?. Maybe need to focus/improve meantime on our strengths(attack) to take the pressure off defence
  8. good spot. 5'3" according to Wiki,looks about right.Pic looks like him
  9. Fine array of flares en route to the final download by , on Flickr
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