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  1. Saint and Greavsie,lol,...a must watch on a Saturday lunchtime.Think Saint was a bit of a Dons fan was he not?.Sure there are pictures of him celebrating with the '76 league cup side Great player in his day too.Sad news...
  2. Thats the annoying thing,...how limp our efforts have been(even allowing for injuries) in getting after Celtic initially and Hibs recently.And how average we look when at our best
  3. Worth an enquiry at least if he wouldnt be a first choice with the Tims
  4. Good record v Killie.Soon sort that out,lol Dons 0 - Killie 0. A Tommy Wright shitefest
  5. Whether or not McInnes was told to play a more entertaining brand of football at the start of the season,we did see that he is capable of it during that purple patch in Sept. How much was down to him,or a coincidental good mix of players at one time is debatable. We have to give him leeway for the horrific injuries and timings of departures. Its whether Mcinnes reverted to type as a result,or was/is it more the remaining players havnt got the collective gumption among them to attack effectively. Jurys out on Hornby,but I like the look of Kamberi,..but we still need to get the mix righ
  6. Agreed,surprised he lasted so long in management. Reckon he lived off the "worked under O'Neill" label,til it wore off/got seen thru. As Sancho says,doubt he'll be stuck for work via the old boys network....hopefully not with us
  7. Better performance,though not sure how much it was Celtic were off the pace at times.Like the look of Kamberithough.Maybe try him with Hendry if Hornby doesnt work out,though they deserve a decent run together.Might be a decent game next time
  8. Why didnt someone avail themselves before it went all the way back
  9. Stupid foulfae Ferguson again
  10. 2 - 1 win the morn then? ( Re Zdrillic/Prunty ) Says a lot when I wouldnt be unhappy with a 2 -0 defeat against a not great Celtic side
  11. Agreed. Some amount of pant pishing elsewhere and on social media
  12. Assuming the games still on then?Fair drop of snow again last night. 40/50 mile an hour winds at kick off,so not expecting a pretty game. Cant see where a sudden improvement in form is coming from unfortunatley. Dons 1 - Saints 1 (Ferguson)
  13. Got you now Mentioned it because Manc and LA were still talking about Deeks impending replacement
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