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  1. They might do. I agree with you.....I think he's done. But because his wages will be at the top end of our squad, it will be very difficult to get shot of him either on a transfer or a loan without us heavily subsidising his pay elsewhere. I've seen it said that he's only travelling up once a week from his home in the Kilmarnock area and Killie might have been a possible way for us to get shot of him. But with his injury history in the past 2 years, I think we are stuck with him till his contract runs out. McInnes of course has to take a fair bit of the blame for rushing him back from injury on at least a couple of occasions
  2. I just think that Anderson isn't good enough full stop...….no matter the system we play. Had Cosgrove and Main not suffered the injuries they have, I suspect we would have went with Ruth as the 3rd striking option and Anderson sent out on loan to a (very) lower end SPL club or more likely a mid table Championship club. So I'm hoping that Edmondson gets the nod on Saturday to start...I've no idea if he will prove good enough but my mind is made up on Anderson. I have a hunch Campbell will start Saturday, but not replacing Ojo. My feeling is he will slot in at left back and if Ojo is to be dropped, then McGeouch will be the one replacing him. Kennedy was anonymous against sevco, wouldn't be surprised to see Hedges drafted in for a start in place of him. 3 points an absolute must against St J. Can't afford to be losing more ground to Hibs especially, but obv we need to stick as close to the arse cheeks as possible for a long as possible 1-2 (Mcginn, Taylor)
  3. Fergie got the Aberdeen job pretty much at the same time as John Greig stepped into the oldco hotseat. As you say correctly, Fergie had just been fired (quite ignominiously) by St Mirren so it was a bit of a surprise that we appointed him. He most certainly was offered the oldco job when Greig resigned late '83 and very nearly took it but decided against it when one of their directors warned him that Willie Waddell was still calling the shots behind the scenes and he wouldn't get the full autonomy that he had to manage the club as he did with us ( and wee Jum McLean also then turned them down despite them offering to treble his DABS wages because he knew he was second choice to Fergie and his ego wouldn't allow him to be portrayed as such had he accepted). McGhee was just a charlatan and we should have told him to fuck off when it became known he was holding off on accepting our job offer to see if Celtic would come in for him. As for McInnes...he at least wasn't overtly touting himself for the West Brom gig at any point. Had he won the league during Deila's tenure at Celtic, his ambition might just have come true. That horse has long bolted of course. And even though he turned down sevco, just by going and taking a look should really have been a sacking offence but Wiggy instead rewarded him with an even bigger contract that sevco were offering. He has long outstayed his welcome now.
  4. And they then signed another one on Friday, put him in immediately against Hibs and promptly had a nightmare 45 minutes, supposedly at fault for both goals, embarrassingly so for the first and forced into subbing him off at half time, bringing Rodgers on. Killie boss speared on by journos post-match. Claims that he was injured and had to make the change but no one buying that excuse apparently
  5. There was newspaper talk 12-24 months ago of him getting a top 6 EPL gig on the strength of what he had done with Bournemouth. Unquestionably he had them vastly over-achieving but I could never have envisaged him at Arsenal or Man U etc. Leicester at an absolute push maybe. He probably did deserve a shot at somewhere like Everton or West Ham but will even that level of club be interested now? I'm not so sure. Wouldn't be surprised to see him land the Watford job though.
  6. It has nothing at all to do with Covid. The simple fact of the matter is that we cannot afford to pay him and his team off with 22 months left on their contracts. And then bring in a new management team on top of that. The only way we will bullet him is if he somehow manages to get us into clear and obvious relegation difficulties by Feb/March in either season he's still contracted for. And even then I think Cormack would hesitate to act quickly. However I'm fairly certain that even managers as incompetent as Levein or Heckingarse couldn't contrive to put our squad into relegation difficulties so there's no way McInnes will.
  7. No you aren't. It was certainly a foul and I was astonished that it wasn't given on VAR review, given that Arsenal scored only a few seconds later. That said...I hate Chelsea who are the sevco of the south and so glad that Arsenal prevailed.
  8. McInnes will not be sacked. Far too expensive to pay him and his backroom staff off as it is, even before having to find the funds to bring in a replacement management team. Our best hope of getting rid of him before his contract expires is if Scotland have a ridiculously bad World cup qualifying campaign and Clarke walks next summer/autumnish. DM is probably the number 1 candidate to replace him (not because he's any good, just he's the best of a poor set of Scottish options) and there MIGHT just be room for a deal to be done by that point. Although I can't see the SFA getting close to matching the deal he has with us....but if he can get a 3 year deal with them, it should be worth his while. If Scotland do well though, we are stuck with him till summer '22
  9. Studs up challenge. Won the ball cleanly and even 5 years ago wasn't considered even a yellow but the snowflake rules of today sadly persist and he had to go.
  10. Well I guess the second half was marginally better. In the same way that being served a deep fried dog's penis in batter for your dinner is a marginally preferable option to a deep fried shite in batter I suppose next week will provide a better indication of how our season might pan out
  11. The tactics we have employed made picking Anderson a pointless exercise. I get that Edmondson will probably take a couple of weeks before he is ready to start but lumping high balls up to the vicinity of where Anderson was standing was bizarre. We would have been as well going with Levein's genius 4-6-0 formation
  12. I think Mcinnes will sub Bryson. Ojo to get red carded. Their midfield are making ours look pedestrian, only positive is that we are still only one down. Not sure where we are going to get a goal from but we cant just sit back and let them come at us this half. We aren't good enough defensively to do that without risking them adding to their total. Just wish for once Mcinnes would tell the team to go out and get right in these cunts faces
  13. Millermong indahouse. Dear oh dear Anyway get tore into these hun bastards. COYR
  14. Fuck the draaaaa……………..I want these hun cunts sent back to the weeg with their bigoted tails between their legs and nul points registered on the league table I suppose reluctantly I'd accept sharing the points if Harvey, Kunt and Hagi all copped Durrants. And McGregor copped a JFK on the bus on the way to the ground
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