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Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Summer Transfer chat
« Last post by KennyFuckinPowers on Today at 06:19:27 PM »
Going on that McGowan has liked Tweets about him signing for Hamilton, I would imagine that is his destination.

I think Dons fans looked too much into his Wiki page being altered to say he had signed for us, which can be done by anyone.

Rumours of Hayes coming back, it would only make sense if it is a permanent transfer, not another loan where he wouldn't be able to play against Celtic.

Just find it odd that they have announced players, even another 2 today, yet this one still hasn't been confirmed. Apparently he can play both Right Back & Left Back, exactly the type of covering player we need.

And regarding Hayes, my personal opinion is, first of all, yes, permanent deal please, and if he can rediscover even half of his form/goals/assists, he'd be very valuable, I can't see it happening though, he'll go to Preston, or some other club down south, on loan.
Football Chat / Re: Scotland WC Qualifier squad analysis
« Last post by OxfordDon on Today at 06:04:35 PM »
Yer ma's live cam was down
Football Chat / Re: Scotland WC Qualifier squad analysis
« Last post by Slim on Today at 05:38:14 PM »
Pornhub not working?
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Yule
« Last post by Elgindon on Today at 05:19:25 PM »

 Failing that ^^,an address will do...
Football Chat / Re: World Cup
« Last post by OxfordDon on Today at 04:42:04 PM »
This is only a theory and I have little knowledge of former Yugoslavia but I threw the birthplace in as a possible factor to the success of a sports team. Could have absolutely fuck all to do with it but based on my family being born and raised in england is quite different to being born and raised in Scotland. I am surprised at how parochial and generally ignorant many english people are about anywhere outside england and moreover how they are perceived by other countries. Ergo is it possible that players who were born and raised down south where scottish football is belittled and patronised will not have the correct mindset to actually represent the country?

Anyway as for the current scotland team, wikipedia has a 'current' squad plus a list of recent call ups which can be treated as a comparison. it is also possible to pick qualifying squads from previous tournaments.
Perhaps this would be better moved to an actual thread on the scotland squad?

Quick scan of the 'current' scotland squad plus recent call ups. only 2 players have played at under 16 level. That goes up to 4 when its under 17, and 5 at under 18.
A handful started at under 19 or under 20 but the majority started at under 21 or went straight into the squad.
Some represented england at under 18 & under 19 level.

As per my earlier post a large chunk of the croatian squad have played from under15s right up to the full squad. Is this merely a coincidence or a big factor in the success of their national team.

Iceland is the other country to consider. 1/10th population of Scotland and yet qualifying with relative ease for last 2 tournaments.

Its an interesting area of discussion but prob best if this did have it's own thread - I've stuck a new een up with a quick collation of the Scotland callups across our last WC qualifiers as a starting point if that's useful.,19844.0.html
Football Chat / Scotland WC Qualifier squad analysis
« Last post by OxfordDon on Today at 04:37:41 PM »
Following on from chat in the World Cup threat about comparing squads, and the difficulty of doing so for Scotland given we dinnae have a WC squad for some reason.

I had a wee bit of free time this afternoon, so, exciting individual that I am, I collated the Scotland squads used over the last WC qualifiers as a starting point for comparison instead (in the sun, with a beer, for half an hour, I hasten to add).  I then went away and did something more interesting that had nothing to do with football.

There were 42 callups in total across the 10 games, but we can narrow that down to a comparable 23-man squad on order of priority of squad callups > appearances > 1st team appearances > sub appearances, which gives us:

23-man WC Qualifier "squad"

Craig Gordon      10   /  7 (0)
Christophe Berra   10   /  6 (0)
James Forrest      10   /  5 (2)
Chris Martin      10   /  3 (5)
Ikechi Anya      10   /  2 (5)
Andrew Robertson   9   /  8 (0)
Leigh Griffiths      9   /  7 (2)
Robert Snodgrass   9   /  6 (1)
Barry Bannan      9   /  5 (0)
James Morrison   9   /  4 (1)
Kieran Tierney      8   /  7 (0)
Darren Fletcher   8   /  6 (0)
James McArthur   8   /  4 (4)
Grant Hanley      8   /  4 (1)
Russell Martin      7   /  4 (0)
Matt Ritchie      7   /  3 (2)
John Mcginn      7   /  0 (2)
Charles Mulgrew   6   /  6 (0)
Steven Fletcher   6   /  1 (2)
Steven Naismith   6   /  0 (1)
Jack Hamilton   1   6   /  0 (0)
Scott Brown      5   /  5 (0)
David Marshall      5   /  3 (0)

19 further callups that didn't make the cut

Allan McGregor      5   /  0 (0)
Stuart Armstrong   4   /  4 (0)
Matthew Phillips   4   /  4 (0)
Callum Paterson   4   /  3 (1)
Ryan Fraser      4   /  0 (1)
Jordan Archer      4   /  0 (0)
Oliver Burke      3   /  2 (0)
Lee Wallace      3   /  1 (0)
Shaun Maloney   2   /  0 (0)
Tom Cairney      2   /  0 (0)
Steven Whittaker   2   /  0 (0)
Liam Cooper      2   /  0 (0)
Callum McGregor   2   /  0 (0)
Gordon Greer      1   /  0 (0)
Alan Hutton      1   /  0 (0)
Barrie Mckay      1   /  0 (0)
Stephen Kingsley   1   /  0 (0)
Jordan Rhodes      1   /  0 (0)
Mark Reynolds      1   /  0 (0)

The image below gives the data in chronological order - interesting to see how callups shifted (or didn't) across the games.

Onywye, feel free to use this as a starting point for comparing with the other nations.

Off Topic / Re: Queen's
« Last post by Tyrant on Today at 03:07:46 PM »
I agree with you that Murray might have won another few slams if he had been around pre-Federer but from what you guys are suggesting about Sampras struggling to win anything in the modern game, that would indicate that Murray is a better all round tennis player than Sampras was which is just laughable given Sampras' record.  Sampras was world number one continuously for over 5 years and won 14 grand slams.  He was a lot more than just a one trick pony.

It's interesting though that you say tennis is far more competitive now.  I know you mean one man is not dominating like has happened in the past on a few occasions but if you look at the stats 4 men have won 48 of the last 53 grand slams, quite astonishing.  Is it really competitive other than the guys at the very top? - not sure.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Murray at his best destroys Sampras! Straight sets min. The movement these days is unreal. Murray is/was lightning across the court. Federer's grace is his trademark. Djokovic's flexibility is legendary and Nadal is no slouch. Compare Sampras to these guys and he's practically immobile. Sampras would maybe be in the top 10 but nae much higher than that. We're talking Milos Roanic's level. A contender.. if enough of the top players are injured.

Murray in Pistol Pete's era would have won so much more. Starting with all the Aussie Opens he came runner up in.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Yule
« Last post by Tyrant on Today at 02:15:02 PM »
Does anyone have a mobile number that I can use for pie complaints? My recent contact just left.


If it's [i[really[/i] shit then dial 999 immediately.
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Yule
« Last post by RicoS321 on Today at 01:23:24 PM »
Does anyone have a mobile number that I can use for pie complaints? My recent contact just left.
Football Chat / Re: World Cup Predictor
« Last post by RicoS321 on Today at 01:22:30 PM »
Holy fuck. I should make all my selections in a 40 second rush just before the start of the first game. I should definitely have checked these predictions before putting on any bets too (which I didn't).
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